Gratitude-this day

What are you grateful for this day? I’m grateful for much needed rain. I’m grateful that I’m slowly becoming more patient.

I’m grateful that I am able to attend daily Mass & receive the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

I’m grateful for my wonderful wife (okay, that’s everyday…)

I’m grateful to God that the sun is out and we can see Spring after all the great rain.That the washing machine is working (kind of…) That plans are falling into place .That it’s a fresh new day full of hope.

This day I am grateful to be able to go swimming, and for health and the health of my family. Grateful that the rain yesterday seems to have been just the right amount for now. Grateful for movement, breath, silence and stillness.

I am grateful for my life, my wife, my family, and my Faith.

The first and last are the bookends that keep the middle two upright.

God has given me 4 great things so I am most grateful to God.

This day I am grateful for the vegetable garden, eyesight and the breeze at my back.

I’m grateful
that someone is giving me a car that I’ll be picking up sometime this week,
for a friend who is helping me with the unexpected expense of insuring and registering said vehicle,
for having volunteer work to do today at my Catholic radio station,
for having a beautiful voice that I can share with others,
for having a small source of income to keep a roof over my head and food on the table,
for two wonderful priests in my parish who love the Mass and are excellent confessors,
for coffee,
for my cat and rabbit and for their companionship,
for my stash of yarn and my ability to turn strings into things by knitting or crocheting,
for the sun, even though it’s too hot today, for it makes the crops grow and allows plants to turn our carbon dioxide into oxygen to breathe,
for so many other things,
I am grateful.

That somehow in the pain and exhaustion I a m currently suffering, I managed to get to town, stock my cupboards for the cats and dog and me… That I managed in the grace of God to do this without blenching…

To smile and listen to and chat with folk I met… my problem not theirs is this /

Above all now to be safe home, food and cats all safe… Hurting like hell in every muscle and joint but I have painkillers and a snug bed and a roof over my head and am safe .

For the huge cat who made me laugh when he crept up on my sandwich and grabbed the bit nearest him, gazing soulfully at me with his huge golden eyes…

So blessed in all things. so very blessed.

For the wild sweet wind singing across the mountains… Music of heaven

This day I am grateful for much needed rain, for the ability to move, see, and listen. This day I am grateful for this moment-right here right now. Grateful for all my teachers past, present and future that help me to learn patience. Even the folks driving 40 mph in a 55 mph area.

This day I’m grateful for the birth of our 6th grandchild(4th grandson) just a short time ago today. Mother and baby are doing well and am extremely grateful for this as well.

I’m grateful for a healthy body, my youth, the natural gifts given to me by the grace of God (food, shelter, clean drinks), and that I may know God through His Holy Spirit and His Son.

There are also other things that I am far ready to acknowledge: good wi-fi, my laptop, all other devices, a good mind and psyche, my ability to speak, and so much more.

Thanks be to God.

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