Gratitude Thread (cont)


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I’m grateful to be living in a country where I can freely and safely practice my religion.


Thank you , Father , for the continued Gratitude Thread .


I’m grateful for Jesus, my Catholic faith, my two daughters and their husbands, and my ten fantastic grandchildren.


The dawn chorus. We’ve all been awake around dawn I expect as one single chirrup or whistle is joined by tens then hundreds of other birds. They start our day by reminding us, by example, pay homage to The Creator for another day.

The next is my friend, a hen blackbird, often first thing I give her dried mealworms and she looks surprised, she seems to find it difficult to understand why I’d throw away my best food. It makes me see how my actions are often misunderstood and how my deeds may be deemed dumb by others.

I’m grateful for my critics, my teachers, the dialectic process which leads to better understanding, humility and the realisation of my ineptitude. Why the good God made me I don’t know.


Father , I realised this morning how much Catholic Answers Forum has been helping me these last few months .

So thank you for CAF .

And to all CAF members - - - - - - - - -


SOOO many things: For my husband, my child, my godchild. For my family. For the opportunity to work using my God given skills to support my family. For extra work when money is tight. For my parish, 1/4 mile from my house. For teaching CCD that helps me shape young faith. For my pets who bring me more unconditional love and companionship than most people. For the co-workers that support and appreciate me (and the co-workers who don’t so I appreciate the others even more!). For friends that love me. For a home that I own. Et cetera.!


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