Gratitude thread


What three things are you grateful for at this moment? Family, healing, fresh air.

Gratitude Thread (cont)

The overwhelming, neverending, love of Jesus Christ.


Life, liberty and Catholic Faith


Family, current health not being as bad as it usually is, and God’s calling.


God, family, and friends. :slight_smile:


Pillows, a working washer and dryer, homeschooling :grin:


I am grateful to God for too many things to just pick 3. However, I will make an effort and play along.

Job, cats, husband


Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are three Persons I’d like to thank, but they are consubstantial and not 3 separate “things”.
So in addition to God,
the Church and the Eucharist gifted to Her, and
the host of Heaven, especially the Blessed Mother.

More to the earth, family, friends, life.


-God making me handsome despite my advancing years
-God giving me the ability to see others’ sins instead of my own
-not having a physical disability. (after working in a disabled ward, I count my blessings every day)


That we have enough food
that we can have a shower and clean our teeth every day,
that we have enough possessions for comfortable living,
that we don’t have to fear starvation, illness, and mites attacking our bodies because we can keep clean,
that we can wash our clothes easily and go to sleep in comfortable clean beds,
that we don’t wake up every day with the fear of being bombed or gassed, or driven from our homes,
wondering if enough aid will come,
that a plane overhead isn’t feared,
that we have freedom of movement,
freedom to study, access to medical care,
that we have enough water
that our suburbs are full of trees, not rubble,
and so on,
unlike millions in war-ravaged countries
and in overcrowded refugee camps

_____More than 3 things, but I remember this every day


Have a lot to be thankful for.

Freedom to worship, not everyone can.
Being Catholic
Food, shelter, clothing
Internet access
Family and friends
Health and abilities
Opportunities to travel and go on vacation
Being able to try and experience new things, learn new skills, try different foods
…and more


a home, my husband, hot chocolate…


At this moment I’m Grateful for family. The cancer treatments the body will be undergoing today. The prayers, positive and healing thoughts and energies from many many folks.


Grateful for warmer weather, sunshine, and to have been able to in a small way help my wife today.


At this moment I’m grateful that my autistic 7 year old did great while getting a tooth capped this morning! Thank you Lord :pray:t2:


Happy for you both. Take care.


Jesus’ love for me, Our Lady’s gentle intercession in my life, the amazing priests in my life, my beautiful mum, my Dad returning home today, the ocean, my piano, my nursing studies, and the sweet friend I had lunch with today.


Harmony,less worries and hope.


That Easter is coming, that I can pray no matter what, for my cozy home. Among many blessings as other posters have noted.


In this order? (I’m a cat lover too.) :grinning:

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