Gratitude thread


Haha, no, I just wrote it in a hurry. I’d probably put husband ahead of the job too. I need husband and job to help look after cats. :slight_smile:


At this moment I’m grateful for the chores around the house I’m working on. Grateful for this glorious day and for the rain and snow due here later tonight and tomorrow.


I will pray for you too (you talked about cancer treatments). :pray:


Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers as well. Blessings.


Grateful for the snow storm yesterday and that we lost power due to it. Time to read, and meditate. Temperature dropped in the house making it uncomfortable which got me to thinking of those much less fortunate. Grateful for friends and neighbors.


Metanoia1, I’m grateful you survived the storm. I hope you and your neighbors got your power back. (Perhaps the fact you posted means you did.)


Grateful that even though a poor sinner, at 3 key points in my life God granted my request in prayer, and this was given against all odds. God does not leave us without help.
‘Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe’ Hebrews 12:28


Thank you womanatwell: That is very kind of you. Power came back on after about seven and a half hours. Today I’m grateful I made it outdoors around sunrise (overcast though) to listen to all the birds singing as nature was waking up. Best air of the day. Grateful I didn’t wake with a headache this morning. Grateful spring is near and hopefully flu season is almost over.


Grateful for a brand new day and being able to go to Mass, get to Confession, and receive Communion :nerd_face:

Also, OP, thank you for starting this thread. It’s a great reminder! :innocent:


I am grateful for so much and still not enough, I think.
I am aware of and therefore grateful for having

  • a great parish.
  • a husband who is supporting and devout in many ways
  • health and safety that lets me walk and breath freely
  • the chance to study

…to be continued. Thank the Lord for everyone and everything.


Today I’m grateful to be able to have lunch with mom. Grateful for an mri to determine what is happening with a cancer lesion. Grateful for fresh air and birds singing.


I’m grateful my dog only bit me once and the wound is not life-threatening.


Family, spring arriving and being alive.


Today I’m grateful for no headache yet. Fresh air and warmer temperatures


Grateful for a morning walk, the falling snow, and inspirational readings.


Today I’m grateful for the discipline to finally sharpen some kitchen knives that my wife has mentioned several times. Grateful my youngest granddaughter replied to a text I sent her this morning. Grateful for some quiet time while my wife is out with friends to play bingo.


Grateful for finally having a working dishwasher. :blush:


Grateful to a brother that helps with things not working around the place.
Also parents that are kind and patient,neighbours that care and include :slight_smile:


Grateful for the winter snowfall while not getting hammered by it.


Grateful its almost the weekend. TGIF and all that :blush:

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