Gratitude thread


Grateful for the face time from our daughter and two grandsons (her nephews). Grateful for kind words from a high school buddy we saw at the store earlier. Grateful for discipline.


Grateful that the new cancer tumors found in the brain are small and that can begin radiation treatment for them two days from today. Grateful for sunny days and fresh air.


I’m grateful for doctors and nurses and others who try to help us when we are ill. Still praying for you, Metanoia1, as well as all who are sick. You have an inspiring attitude by still seeing good in the world.


My health, my family, and Jesus Christ!


Thank you for sharing about your health,God bless you and prayers said.


Thank you both womanatwell and Greenfields for your kind words and prayers. Today I’m simply grateful to be here now.


Today I’m grateful for healing, positive thoughts and prayers. Grateful for fresh air and beautiful winter scenery. Grateful spring is near.


College basketball, my family, and the days getting longer-more sunshine!


Grateful for a text I got yesterday from a guy I’ve known since kindergarten and a phone call from another I’ve known since second grade (we are all over 60). Both reached out to see how I’m doing health wise. The both have been a big part of my support system. Grateful for two texts today. The first from a former daughter-in-law and the second from our daughter.


Today I’m grateful for the sunshine and fresh air. Grateful for caring friends (though I’ve never really gotten the hang of being a friend), and grateful for this moment.


Today I’m grateful that the person driving the car that pulled in front our car and the truck next to us didn’t cause an accident. Very close call to today.


Thank you for making me humble. Not like those arrogant members who need attention all the time.


Today I’m grateful the radiation treatment I’m receiving for brain cancer will be finished tomorrow (this time around). It wiped me out these last ten days. Also grateful for you folks keeping me and mine in your prayers.


May you recover well @metanoia1.


Thinking of you ,prayers ongoing.Take care.


I wanted to “send” you and your family flowers but I couldn’t figure out how to get to emoji’s on my phone. So now I’m on my old laptop and I think I can get to them. (But don’t expect much of a fragrance.)


Grateful that I can count to three.


Thank you Greenfields and womanatwell for your kind thoughts and on going prayers. Grateful for the lovely flowers… Grateful for all the little things life offers that I usually take for granted. Things such as loving, caring strangers/neighbors.


Grateful for feeling like eating again. Grateful for not feeling as fatigued and able to get out in the fresh air to enjoy some air for the for first time in weeks ( rising temps probably helpful with this too).


Grateful for brisk walks in the fresh air. Grateful for the results of a recent p.e.t. scan showing shrinkage of the mass in the lung. Grateful for prayers, positive thoughts, from family, friends, and strangers that are caring as well.

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