Gratitude thread


I’m grateful that the repairs on my car are half of what they originally quoted (whew!), that I am so magnificently privileged that my biggest worries right now are fairly trivial in the face of what many other people are going through, and that the big storm last night didn’t turn spawn any tornados like they thought it would.


Grateful today for texts from family members regarding my particular health situation. Grateful for the sunshine and fresh air. Grateful for a strengthening mind, spirit, and body.


Grateful today for gorgeous weather, good friends, and a nice cold Budweiser to end the day.


Thanks be to God :slight_smile:


Thank you Greenfields :slight_smile: Grateful for you. You are a blessing. Grateful for the snowfall. Grateful for a deepening practice.


FI just read a story this morning about a attorney/ accountant…
“ Becoming a better man “
This guy fudged some paperwork…FBI eventually showed up…
Judge gave him 6 years in prison…away from wife and kids…
In prison he goes to bible study class…starts knowing God…
Especially from an inmate sentenced to 20 years…

Anyways, with all that said, the short story ends with his gratitude.

His story is in video format

Albert Inarelli is his name


I am grateful my mother’s doctor’s appointment went well yesterday. I am grateful we made it to the garage OK when the car brakes went out. What a day! :angel:


Grateful as well womanatwell how your mom’s doctor appt. went and that you safely made it to be able to get the brakes repaired. Hope the rest of the day was more restful for you both after that ordeal.


The Eucharist, the sunshine and family.


Thanks Metanoia1. I think I need to put our other guardian angel in here as well. :angel: I am grateful we indeed had a restful day today.


Family, Friendship and being alive


Family, health, earned retirement.


For all the beautiful little gifts in nature and for prayers and friendship .


Mercy, Christ’s atonement and salvation.


Grateful each day I get a bit stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and hopefully spiritually. Grateful for the rain today. Grateful the headache I woke with today abated relatively easily.


Today I’m grateful for fresh air, exercise, healing.


Today I am grateful for the daffodils that are blooming and Forsythia and flowering trees.


I like your new pers. pic., Greenfields. :cat2:


Thanks :slight_smile: He was one of our favorites.

Beautiful forsythia and daffodils and blossom :slight_smile:
Grateful for the rain and green grass appearing again,grateful for a warm house and being able to go to mass today.


I don’t have any likes,but it’s so good to hear how you are doing metanoia 1 :slight_smile:

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