Gratitude thread


Thank you Greenfields. Today I’m grateful for new found friends like Greenfields and womanatwell perking me up as needed :slight_smile: Grateful for the internet to be able to learn about healthier ways to eat to alleviate incessant daily headaches. Grateful for the headaches. These are reminders of how fortunate I am to not be under chemical or any other type of violent attacks by any kind of aggressors. I set intentions to offer the pain and suffering from these headaches for the benefit of others.


I am grateful for Internet, especially CAF, friends
:wink: . I am grateful for people who offer their personal sufferings for others and that we can pray for those who suffer. :latin_cross: :rosette:


Today I’m grateful for the easing of headaches over the last couple of days. Grateful for the deepening of my practice since the diagnosis of the dis-ease this body has. Grateful the body, mind, and spirit get stronger each day.


My christian brothers and sisters, Pope Francis, the holy family.


Traditional Catholic Faith, my wonderful Family, and being able to live comfortably…some people aren’t this fortunate.


I am grateful for the help of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and many saints during a massively challenging time in my life.

I am also grateful that God has protected from harm the persons who run the animal and children’s charity in Aleppo that I follow on social media, and that North Korea seems willing to engage in some form of peace talks.


Today I’m grateful for my spiritual practice, the sunshine, and the much desired warmer temperatures.


The warm weather, living healthy family, my beauty products. Lol

  1. My Catholic Faith
  2. My parents and ancestors who carried their Faith forward, through more difficult times that I could imagine.
    3.The courage to say “Thy will be done” and finally really mean it, a difficult stumbling block for a long time. No more trying to make conditions.


central heat.


Grateful a friend has made it through heart surgery successfully.


Grateful that a cousin’s husband who has cancer has found out his tumor has lost half of its size. Glorious day.


I am grateful God built healing abilities into the body and also heals through amazing modern medicine. :man_health_worker: :woman_scientist:


Grateful to God for the timing of smaller distractions and pleasures when other life issues are going on.


Blessed sleep and coffee.


Happy anniversary, @Trishie, whatever it may be. Grateful for anniversaries. :cake:


Love of God, family and faith


Thank you, that’s kind!

It’s 10 years since I joined CAF.


I see your slice of cake :slight_smile: Happy Anniversary Trishie,I’m so glad you are here and to have met you.


@Greenfields, I look forward to having a cuppa and cake with you next time we’re down your way …thanks to CAF. Sadly it will take passage into the next world to meet with other friends, but it will be a joy to meet you,

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