Grave sins against documentation

i have a problem here wanting to know wherether i need to cofess this probelm or not.

I work in a supermarket and in the department i work in we must do a tempreture check every 2 hours for cooked chekens. my problem really is i am not the only one that can do the temp check anyone who works in the department can. however nobody really take notice or even wants to do it. i do it because i feel guilty if i dont. but sometimes i think someone else done it and when i go and check, it has not been done. for example at 2pmit should of been done but i am checking it at 2:20pm i write down the right temp check but the time i would write 2pm otherwise i would get into trouble and get a warning because it was not done every 2 hours.

this annoys me because i feel i am commiting a sin as i am doing it and it goes through my mind.

sometime i can not even get to it on a certain time and end up doing it 10 or 15 minute later dut to lack of staff being busy with something else.

would this be a grave sin. i am not the manager of the department even she does not look at it every 2 hours. what do i do and what do i think.

i say to my self God knows the reason however i know that what ever happens to me even if i loose my job i should write the truth.

so is this grave sin and should be sonfessed

There are several different issues here. First and foremost, do not write down a lie, just as you would not tell a lie when speaking. If you have, do confess it. Also discuss this issue with your confessor, sometime when there is not a line behind you at the confessional.

In the meantime, talk about this with your supervisor. If it is your assigned task, do it as well as you can, including being truthful. Get clear with your supervisor who is supposed to do this, and how it is supposed to be done. If you can’t do it on time because you have other tasks that conflict, it is important to make sure that your supervisor understands this. It may be that it is all right to do it 20 minutes late. Find out, and do it with a clear conscience.

Grave (Mortal) sin has 3 conditions

  1. Grave Matter
  2. Full Knowledge
  3. Deliberate Consent

I do not think this is a grave matter, unless the chicken is neglected to the point that it becomes poisonous. You seem to have full knowledge and when you write a different time, that is deliberate consent. Although you are not deliberately skipping checking the temperature.

Do what RSD said, this seems to be the best course of action.

This is the second thread you have started about this supermarket. How many more will there be?

Just do your job as you have been instructed. Never mind what other co-workers do or do not do, just follow the orders of your superiors, and unless you are their supervisor, you don’t have to worry about others until their actions threaten health and safety. Then you simply report the situation to your supervisor in the manner your company has set up.

As far as “whether or not this is a sin” ask at your parish for some instruction on this topic. Unless you personally have been told some action is gravely wrong, you fully understand this and fully intend to commit a grave wrong, and you go ahead and do it of your own free will, you have not committed a grave sin.

You have been given good advice on this and your other thread. If you have an issue with your personal spiritual life and battle with sin, the person to speak with is your priest in confession. If you have an issue on the job, the person to speak with is your supervisor.

I would record the correct time and temp every time you do it. When you guys are inspected the next time by the Health Department, they will notice it and then you can explain the problem to them and management. Proper serving temps ARE A BIG DEAL.

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