Gravely sinned today (intercourse)

So I have been struggling with purity for years now, watching pornography and masturbating. However today, I was really feeling temptation and I wen’t above the line and performed the sacred act.

Now that’s not only it, I don’t have a girlfriend so I actually had sex with a (escort) prostitute of which I searched online. I am soooo ashamed of this and I need to repent!

So not only did I have sex before marriage, I objectified a girl and paid for it. I was also greedy and wanted more than my “usual” temptation. I need to see a preist ASAP (I’m going tomorrow to confession and asking for spiritual guidance)

My question is, how grave is this? Will I be forgiven? Will the preist even hear this type of confession? I’m so scared and sorry. I want to be with Christ from now on, I never want to do that sin again.

Troll figure out a new user name

Or I’m not a troll? And I sincerely want this answered?

Ask the priest in confession.
He won’t be embarrassed by your confession.

You are not alone in this sin. However, few understand the damage this does to our relationship with God, as well as the damage it does to the woman “used”. Talk to your priest - the sin itself isn’t unusual for the priest to hear. But your repentance - if real and from deep in your heart - is. So as you leave the confessional, pray for more people to see this sin for what it really is, and to repent.

like all sin we commit we should ask ourselves… What made us do this thing…
No one held you to ransom to force us to commit this deed…
so ask yourself… What made you do it… what in your life are you lacking?

then ask yourself … why are you lacking something to make you to commit a particular sin.
you can generally answer your own misdeeds if you really stop and think about it…
Question …Why did I shoot the Neighbours dog ?
Answer …Because it always barks.
Solution… give it a bone or toy to occupy itself,and it will stop barking…
Question… I committed Adultery
Solution… stop watching porn and find friends to your occupy day…
Problem… to much time alone…
Answer… get off your butt and get out and join a group,make more friends…
god bless.:):):slight_smile: :):):slight_smile:


Remember that Jesus loves you and died for you. No sin is too grave for our God - who is Love - to forgive, as long as we truly repent and turn to Him. This is wonderfully reflected in the sacrament of Confession, as you will be reminded when you speak to the priest today. Never despair - try your very best, with the priest’s advice and the aid of the Holy Spirit you receive through the sacrament, to avoid sinning this sin again, but if you fall, always know that Jesus is there waiting for you in the confessional: “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners” (Matthew 9:13).

Here are some apt words of encouragement from our new Pope:

“Let’s not forget this word: God never, ever gets tired of forgiving us! …the problem is that we get tired, we don’t want to, we get tired of asking forgiveness. He never gets tired of forgiving, but we at times, we get tired of asking forgiveness. May we never tire, let us never tire of it! He’s the loving Father who always forgives, who has a heart of mercy for all of us. And even we can learn to be merciful with others. Let us ask the intercession of Our Lady, who held in her arms the Mercy of God made Man…”

Of course you’ll be forgiven, Priests have heard it all before.

Develop some good habits to replace the bad habits, avoid the proximate occasions of sin such as being on the internet alone at night otherwise your bad habits will only get worse.

Satan doesn’t want you to go to confession and will use embarrassment and despair to stop you.

I’ll pray for you.…pdf

It’s a serious sin, but it’s also forgivable. Go to confession. Ask the priest’s advice. Make a firm resolution to avoid this sin in the future. Understand that these are some of the toughest sins to avoid. It keeps us humble. It’s good that you’ve seen the ugliness of this sin which appears to alluring before we commit it. I often pray for the grace to see sin for what it is rather than how it appears to us while being tempted. Stay close to God. Don’t despair.

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