Graveyard Shift and Sunday Obligation?

I started a thread for shift workers about devotional life. I, too, have missed Sunday Mass because I am a nurse and if my relief calls out, then I am not permitted to leave work. However, if I only have to work my regular 8 hour shift, there is always a Mass available for me be it morning or evening. I’ve done both–work 3rd and go straight to Mass; or work days and go to evening Mass.

My DH does shift work also and he has only missed mass on rare occaisions from being too tired or another reason. He always goes to confession. He often goes during work during a meal break.

I was fortunate as a Nurse to work in Catholic hospitals where Mass was available .

I worked 11 PM to 07 for years and never missed mass. Part of the reason there is a vigil mass is for night shift workers.

With his hours, he should be able to make it.

There are cases where it just is not possible, though. For example, starting yesterday my dad now works 7 AM-7PM, and for now he’s working on Saturdays and every other Sunday. On those weekends he’s working both, there is just no way for him to get to a Mass. Unless he goes into the next diocese or scopes out an obscure church that has post-7pm Sunday Masses(keeping in mind travel time), it isn’t going to happen.

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