Gravitational Waves


Science fragging rules man!


How are these waves generated? We don’t know. If you take a piece of paper and sprinkle iron filings on it while holding it over a magnet, you will see a ripple pattern. Where does magnetic energy come from? We don’t know. If you pass a wire through a magnetic field, a voltage is created that can be seen on a voltmeter.



I figure you are being snarky but . Here is your answer for magnets.

Otherwise Einstein’s has been proven true. It’s so cool. :thumbsup::D:D


You should read some of Nikola Teslas papers on electro magnetism, he was a genius when it came to this stuff.

I think if he had lived, our world would look completely different today.

Personally, I think there is HUGE potential in electromagnetism, especially as a means to power the transportation needs of the entire world, but the key is to figure out ways to harness and use it, I believe Tesla would have figured this out had he lived.

Its strange, in the modern world we live today, we dont seem to have any brilliant people comparable to Tesla, Einstein, etc. who could come up with absolutely groundbreaking ideas and make them happen.


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