Gravity of detraction and Calumny

I have a question about the gravity of sin. In the recent months I feel that the Holy Spirit might be working in me, but I am having a hard time discerning sin. I was with a policeman friend of mine talking about retirement and asked how my dad was was doing, who is retired I said " good I think he is going crazy, but doing well he has a new job and we went on talking about how good it is to stay busy after retirement …" I don’t think I was intentionally trying to Hurt his reputation, but with all this talk about Gossip lately it really had me thinking. Would I be in a state of mortal sin or venial sin? I am still going to bring it up in confession this week. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m still in a state of grace.

I don’t see any sin at all, mortal or venial. Could you specify what you think was sinful, and why? :confused:

I just feel I should not have said I think he is going “Crazy”. I don’t think he is losing his mind I was talking thoughtless chatter I suppose. I have been very scrupulous as of late also. As a cradle catholic I returned to confession about 2 years ago and I am the one who feels like the crazy one at times.

When you said your father was going crazy in retirement, you were just using a figure of speech and I am sure it was understood as such. Perhaps your becoming hypersensitive or scrupulous. Discuss it with your confessor before it becomes a major problem. By the way, you cannot sin by accident. It has to be a deliberate, fully aware decision to offend God in a serious matter to be a mortal sin. Treat mere scruples like dogs barking in the distance. Tune them out.

It’s just a figure of speech. I think you should speak to your priest about your scruples.

Thank you all. This has been a new experience for me. I appreciate the help.

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