"Gravity" of sin on one's soul relating to age?


sorry, confusing title. wasn’t sure how to word this!

i know that sins, even once confessed, leave something that must be cleansed in Purgatory, unless you get an indulgence.

Would a sin committed by someone in their teens vs an adult be less “severe” as a teen, or a child vs. a teen?

Just wondering, as I’m a teenager and from about 13-14 I think I sinned too much for my liking. I’m on a much better track now and I just want to know how much this would affect me later.

also, does doing good things “cancel out the bad”?

ie. someone that sinned moderately but only did moderately good deeds, but someone that sinned badly but repented and did their best to do many good deeds, who is better off?

i know its up to God, once again, just curious! i like learning about the church laws and such :smiley:


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