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Just came across this article on national review. The author does a fab job of taking apart the lies of sex ed today. Thought it might be worth posting it here so others could be informed or at the very least, hit it enough number of times for St.Google to take note! :ehh

Very interesting article. I have to say that my experience with sexual education did not, in any way, mirror the one presented in the article. I am not sure if this is due to my age, 28, the fact that I lived in a smaller town or if the article is in some way misrepresenting the average persons experience with sexual education.

Seeing as my uncle is a health supervisor, I can say pretty confidently that there’s about 0% in that entire article.

0% of what?

It was back in 1986 that I was most recently the recipient of a sex ed class, but even back then it was VERY clear that the unspoken assumption in the minds of thos who made the curriculum was “we know you are doing it or are about to, so here’s how to do it and be safe.” And Kinsey was definately cited as THE authoritative source for research on sex.

In my day, the presentation was obviously crafted to avoid giving ANY moral message or attempt to persuade in favor of abstinance. I couldn’t say how it is today. Nobody seems to notice that lack of reference to morality is itself a strong inherent endorsement of the idea that ‘none of this stuff is wrong.’

The doctor makes several excellent points. Overall, I’d say the article is devastatingly true.

Mr. Lujack, do you have a better insight into adolescent brain development and cervical maturity rates than this MD? Do tell.

I audited the sex ed in my 6th graders class. It was worse than what was in the article. They teach about every different type of sexual activity graphically. At the end of the course they tell them only to abstain from intercourse. All the other stuff is okay. This is to SIXTH GRADERS!!! Prepubescent children!!! I pointed out if kids were doing every thing but intercourse they would eventually have intercourse. I asked if they teach that these are risky behaviors that could lead to intercourse. She said they covered that next year. . .

Needless to say, I opted my kid out.

I graduated in '93 and that was the message we received as well.

Unfortunately in my ‘Catholic’ high school the class was of a similar flavor.

However it was actually taken one step beyond that as the context was a religious education class, the priest teaching the class yanked off his roman collar in front of the class to tell us “how it really is.”


this article is disturbingly true from what I know of Planned Parenthood’s disgusting nearly pornographic sex ed.

What happened to just telling kids what happens during puberty? How about telling the truth for once…oh wait, PP’s business wants them to become active, wants the condoms to fail and then they make $$$ as a result (abortions or whatever).

My sister’s kids are 10,8 and 5, but eventually they’ll have to go to High school and because the Catholic ones are so expensive, my brother in law (Catholic convert) would rather they go to a PUBLIC school because of the expense (Catholic high school tuition in their diocese is rather expensive). I’m afraid they’d receive this sort of trash-ed at a PUBLIC high school. I really hope they don’t end up sending them to the PUBLIC high school. Right now the 8 year old and 10 year old go to a Catholic elementary school for K-8. I’m just afraid of what could happen if they get information that’s contradictory to Catholic teaching.

My daughter is a freshman in college. She says the girls “hook-up” all the time. Many of the students don’t even sleep in their own dorm rooms. She is in a dorm where the boys are segregated from the girls by floor. Boys have to be off the floor by 10.00 PM. Her best friend, who went to Catholic High School, got an STD from her “boyfriend” of less than one month. She thinks it’s a natural consequence. One of those annoying realities. A girl from that school works part time for Planned Parenthood, which is right down the street. She says PP is all about exploring your sexuality. I can’t find the interview now, but it was in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

That school is the only Catholic school on the attached list.

My daughter also went to Catholic High School (a different one). Her school was somewhat radical feminist, “empowering women.” I will say their message about respecting your body worked for my daughter. She’s not gonna let any guy use her.

Hopefully you know something about the curriculum that makes it better than you portray it here!

Typically modern feminist ideas about “Empowering women” sexually is code for “you can be as sexually detached as all those filthy men are.” (ala Gloria Steinem and ‘Sex and the City’). In other words, that’s great UNLESS she figures she’s going to use some guy before he can use her! That’s a sexual arms race NOBODY wins. Beware.

Good point. I do know at that school, “empowered woman” was about women taking charge of their lives, and it didn’t refer to sexuality.

The Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis offer a very good celibacy program. It is based partly on Steve Wood’s books. They focus on attachment problems as well as the real meaning of married sex.

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