Great article on climate change from a business newspaper

I like it because it is a concern and a stewardship one at that. But both sides (alarmists and extreme skeptics) are trying to steal the attention from the actual science and discourse.

Returning to a Miocene (1-2 C warmer climate), Oligocene (3-4 C warmer climate), or Eocene PETM climate (5-6C) is something that could occur naturally in millions of years or due to human activity in thousands of years, but in either case, we’d have to adapt to that new predicament. That said, we do need to be careful with how we deal with the problems because the very aspects we try to do to curb climate change (be more energy efficient) may actually make it worse (by crippling economic development and thus actually having less efficient mechanisms for dealing with energy consumption).

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It’s behind a paywall.

Oops. When I first had the article, it didn’t have a paywall so my mistake.

Yes, that happens from time to time.

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