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A Discussion on the Catholic Liturgy
By Father James Farfaglia

“I am convinced that the ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves today depends in great part upon the collapse of the liturgy, which at times is actually being conceived etsi Deus non daretur: as though in the liturgy it did not matter anymore whether God exists and whether he speaks to us and listens to us. But if in the liturgy the communion of faith no longer appears, nor the universal unity of the Church and of her history, nor the mystery of the living Christ, where is it that the Church still appears in her spiritual strength?…” (The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI, Let God’s Light Shine Forth, Robert Moynihan, ed. 117-118).

Introduction - Since the close of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the Catholic Mass of the Latin Rite has been the focal point of intense conflict within the Roman Catholic Church. Many younger Catholics frequently are unaware of the history and the causes of this conflict which is still ragging in America. The information provided on this webpage is an attempt to provide E-Parish members and readers a better understanding of this serious problem and to understand what solutions are at hand to resolve the conflict.

My personal position has always been one of unwavering fidelity to all of the teachings of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic priest I have been very happy celebrating the reformed liturgy of the Second Vatican Council. However, I have made it my mission in life to implement and to teach, with loving fidelity, every liturgical norm of the Catholic Church. I provide for the people of my parish a perfect application of the true teachings of the Second Vatican Council, not only regarding the Catholic liturgy, but also every aspect of Catholic life.

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Here also is an excellent article by Fr. Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press on the liturgy and Vatican II. Here is the link:


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