Great Article regarding Sola Scriputra


Great Article. Really exposes the problems with the doctrine.

Philosophical and Practical Problems with Sola Scriptura

by Philip Blosser

as a result of its hermeneutical anarchy, sola scriptura has resulted in denominational factionalism…

…When the Rev. Alexander Craighead led his congregation to secede from the New Side Presbytery in 1743, they gathered at Middle Octorara, Pennsylvania, in a solemn ceremony with four swords pointed to the four winds, and established the Covenanter or Reformed Presbyterian Church in America by ceremonially reading “The Declaration, Protestation, and Testimony of a Suffering Remnant of the Anti-Popish, Anti-Lutheran, Anti-Prelatick, Anti-Erastian, Anti-Latitudinarian, Anti-Sectarian, True Presbyterian Church of Christ, in America.”


Sola Scriptura


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