Great book- Rediscovering Catholicism

This is a great book by Matthew Kelly. If you are catholic or just turned or want to be catholic, this book is really wonderful. It explains the simple things we need to do to become more in touch with God in our everyday life. How important prayer and reconciliation are and about becoming the best version of ourselves.
Highly recommend it. :thumbsup:


I concur with this recommendation.

One sentence summary: God wants you to become the best version of yourself. Don’t you?

The story in the book’s preface may be the single most effective reading I have ever seen for those who are Catholic but struggling in their faith life. And this includes the Scriptures (for me at least).

I would point out to possible readers that the book is not a doctrinal treatise but an inspirational one, so some of Kelly’s tactics, style and recommendations may not suit everyone equally well (cf. 1Cor 12:4). But I would encourage all to give them a serious consideration.

A few very generous families bought several thousand copies to give away after Mass last month; I am looking forward to reading it; it got excellent reviews. :thumbsup:

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