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I am part of a Great Books group and we are tackling the subject of wisdom. While reading from The Book of Wisdom, the Holy Spirit (wisdom) is referred to as “She”. How does this Holy Spirit relate to the Holy Spirit of the New Testament? Thank you, Lynne


Dear Llynne,

While the Book of Wisdom calls wisdom a spirit, it does not call it THE Spirit. Wisdom is referred to as an it. The Holy Spirit is a Person. The Book of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus begins: “All wisdom is from the Lord and it is His forever.” It is an attribute of the Spirit. When the Book of Wisdom speaks of wisdom as a “she”, it does so as we do when we use “she” to refer to an inanimate object or a concept as in the case of a ship or a formula, etc.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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