Great catholic video posted on Mormonapologetic site!

Great catholic video posted on the mormonapologetic site.

The discussion that followed was very supportive of the catholic church. :slight_smile:

Loved the video. Love how my Catholic church is so powerful and holy at the same time. :slight_smile:

True. But now catholics need to get other catholics who don’t attend church anymore to see it also. :slight_smile: It is a good video.

**How on earth do you know the statistics of the people attending church??? You who are not a Catholic need to comment about Catholics attending church?? Give me a break…:rolleyes: **

I am bumping this up because it is a great video! :slight_smile:

And because you hope a few people may wander along to the LDS site and experience a ’ warm feeling in their breast’. The ever continuing cybe missionary work goes on from the supposedly catholic and mormon at the same time OP…

I didn’t post the site’s address. :slight_smile: But I did present here a great catholic video with a great message. :slight_smile:

Here is a great article about the state of catholicism in France:

I think that it can be said for many countries in Europe. And many american catholics never set foot in church. Such it is these days.

But as I said before, I presented the board with a great video about the catholic message. :slight_smile:

Yes, and according the Salt Lake Tribune, which cited research done by the City University of New York, only 35% of all Mormons set foot in a church and the convert retention rate is somewhere between 20 and 30 percent.

Other than trying to snark on Catholics, your point is?

Awesome video. This video has been praised by Patrick Madrid on his radio program. Every Catholic needs to see it.

I was in Europe not to long ago and was in 5 countries including France. Everything is Catholic. I stood in early century churches, many are on every street corner. The Blessed mother is everywhere in Europe.
How is it you know so much about the attendance in Catholic churches?? My parish and many others are packed to the hill with Masses. I received communion at the Vatican, standing room only. I went to Mass in Croatia, Spain, France, always packed to the hill.

It’s the latest mormon propaganda. All the Cathedrals in Europe are empty. Mitt Romney even used this in one of his political speeches.

Um I’ve just been to mass - our church attendance seems to be rising not falling - the eastern european moving into the area have helped in part. Many only came to work for a short while but then stayed as they married here and we now have many Polish people - the same is true with a recent influx of western African people now. A year ago it was dropping badly but in the last few months the levels of attendance have risen. I must say the African families could teach some of the western Europeans a thing or two about the seriousness of the mass as they make an effort to look their best and to treat it with great reverence. Every family will have a missal with them and they make sure to be there before time every Sunday. The Poles and Lithuanians like many an immigrant community treat their faith perhaps more seriously in a foreign country as it is a link to their culture and traditions as well - the same was true for the Irish coming here as immigrants in the 1950’s and 60’s were they could be guaranteed of some level of familarity by attending mass as often the priest would be Irish or local nuns/priests would organise housing for the young or help girls become nurses etc.

It is the actual English Catholics and now (sadly) the Irish community here who are the poorest for mass attendance.

But the situaiton in Europe is not as simple as ‘oh my God it’s a secular wasteland there’ and when people start on in that fashion it annoys me as much as when people here in Europe start up with shallow assumptions about the US.

As to the point of this thread - Whyme is again indulging the latest Mormon strategy on this forum which is to show how wonderful the LDS think the Catholic church is. Given the disdain it has had for us at times in the past and the changeable (the word chameleon is flickering around my mind for some reason) tenets of the LDS I tend to take all mutterings from it with large industrial size helpings of salt…

Very psychological video at its best - the perfect selling machine. I respect your church, your church’s glory and you have good people but…i still feel you must come experience the fullness of grace in MY church without losing all that grandeur is what the video is really trying to say…

my first inclination was “youtube isn’t a mormon site”. :shrug:

It is a great video. Hopefully, you are catholic. I only say this because the catholics on this thread seem to see evil in someone and not the good. It is kinda sad. :frowning:

At least you posted a non-judgemental post. :slight_smile:

No, someone earlier challenged me and I replied. Nothing more. Many organized faiths are suffering as many people seek refuge inside a Benny Hinn crusade or a Joyce Meyer power sermon. Or in a joel osteen ‘you are great’ crusade. Among others.

You need to write to Broomberg and not me. I only read it from a good source. Also, it is not the point that some churches are crowded in Europe. The point is that many catholics are not attending Mass. France, Ireland and Italy stand out as poor attendance catholic countries. The figures in France speak for themselves.

Bloomberg media is now anticatholic? You need to write a protest letter. The last I looked Bloomberg is not mormon but jewish. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was my point. :rolleyes:

I did not post the comments that the mormons had about the video. My point was simple: to give a great video for catholics to watch.

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