Great Chastisement?

While I was browsing some sites that I found after googling about Vatican II, I found mentions of a thing called the “Great Chastisement”. They talked about Our Lady of Fatima and how the world will be punished for the falling away of Faith and how this stuff was predicted. They also mention how Pope Leo XIII had a vision in 1884 where Satan said he could destroy the Church and Jesus said he had 100 years to do so. They seem to think that the 100 years started in 1914 or 1917 due WW1 starting in 1914(WW1 was also the end of the last major Catholic monarchy, they say) or 1917 because that was when Our Lady of Fatima appeared and it’s when Russia fell to the evils of Communism. These sites seemed extremely untrustworthy so I don’t believe but some of them quoted Popes and Our Lady of Fatima talking about similar things. So although I know that a lot of what these sites say is false, I ask does the Church say anything on this “Great Chastisement” or is the entire concept just made up?

Note: I’m going to repeat this just in case. I don’t trust these sites and I know that a lot of the stuff they say is obviously stretched or false, but I am just curious as to if the entire concept is made up.

EDIT: They also mention something about three days of darkness.

You may want to noodle around the “End Times Speculation Thread.”

I’d also ask the member Memaw to join this thread because she’s demonstrated she is familiar with Fatima.

" is a website has a lot of info about that and many other interesting things. The man behind that website seems very smart. His articles really make me think. :slight_smile:

Where is that thread? I don’t think I’ve seen it yet.


Here you go:

I kept reading up and the Third Secret of Fatima, which I’ve read was partially about the Pope, wasn’t revealed in 1960 even though Sister Lucy was told by Our Lady that it must not be revealed any later than 1960. The Holy See withheld the Third Secret until 26 June 2000. The more I read into this stuff the scarier sounding it gets

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I agree, and I also find it scary that Jesus told us that we would not be able to understand certain aspects of the end times, UNTIL we were actually in the end times, whats scary is, if we read these verses today, they seem to make sense, so they are able to be understood…!!

Yeah you have to wonder. Best thing for it is to live spiritually as if the world is ending tomorrow, and live physically as if the world is going to last forever.

St. Faustina tells us that we are living in the time of God’s great Mercy, she also tells us that this time of Mercy will end and that we are to pray for poor sinners(which is all of us!)
This purification of the world has been talked about by most of the major prophets.Read Ez 32:7-8, Is 13:9-11. Even Padre Pio spoke of a darkness. Lots of informative reading on the teachings of the Popes,and the Church.

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