Great collapse, SHTF, or Chastisement scenario

My question is in regards to the chance of an economic collapse, SHTF scenario (Stuff Hits The Fan), or great chastisement.

If you happened to have already prepared for such a scenario with water, food, storaged, etc. Yet your neighbors have not.

How should a Catholic respond morally with regards to sharing food? Can you let your neighbor’s starve while you eat normally if you believe help is not on the horizon for the next year?

Opinion? Thoughts? Church teaching? Thank you.

Good question.
As a Catholic, but also as a mother, I would say my first responsibility is to my children, but then also to others. Plus, my children would need to understand that others have needs, too.

So I think sharing with neighbors is necessary, but only after I make sure that I feed my kids. Perhaps I should store extra food and water, so I can invite others to a meal with us, rather than giving food supplies away? Then I can just make some extra and invite some neighbors, and of course, being a SHTF scenario, meals would be simple and small. No one, whether my own child or an invited guest, should assume rich foods and ample portions.

If one is truly preparing for such an event, they should IMNAAHO already be moving far enough out that crowds of hungry neighbors are not an issue.

If not, and if your preparations are known, you would be faced with fighting to protect your stash or being killed for it. You cannot provide for everybody.


Well you are dead right.

It’s gonna take me a few years before I get to the country. And when that time come, there won’t be a nice Catholic Answers Forum for me to bounce ideas off of, so I’m just sorta of prepping mentally now. It’ll be just the local community, bible, and catechism.

The Pope’s messages and encylicals will take months or years for it to travel across the sea and land like it was in the middle ages.

Yeah a fire & bread alone will be difficult to make. My whole neighborhood is made of homes without fireplaces and heated by electric gas. So if my electirc goes out, and a SHTF scenario hits in winter; I’m dead.

I think:

And the king answering, shall say to them: Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me. Matthew 25:40

About covers it. Don’t you?

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