Great Controversy book by E. G. White

Has anyone read “The Great Controversy” book by E. G. White? I’m currently considering it as a Christmas gift for my father – an 85 year old Baptist.

I also might read it myself some day.

Is there anything to be wary of?

Other than it was written by a brain-damaged, allegedly mercury-poisoned “visionary” and false prophet, no. It is a Seventh-Day Adventist book - at the ragged edge of Christianity. Ellen Gould White was extremely anti-Catholic.

How about something by Scott Hahn or Prof. Peter Kreeft?

As a previous Seventh-Day Adventist, I would say avoid it. Funny thing is, the real great controversy is the author herself.

No way ! Terrible book. I have a copy and it’s filled with my notes and highlights of all the lies, and other historical inaccuracies it contains.

If you want a book that might better suit both you and your Dad, I can recommend What Jesus Really Said About The End Of The World

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I’m really enjoying Michael Barber’s Coming Soon revelations book. It gives the view with the context of the liturgy, making Revelations much more understandable. The deal with protestant churches looking into revelations is they have no clue on the liturgy, so the book puts it all into perspective line by line.

I would not send it to my dad (if he were an 85 yo Baptist, nor on a plane, nor in a train . . . just kidding about the last portion).

No. I wouldn’t.

But I would send him a copy of Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating (here).

Considering that it’s the paranoid ranting of a self-proclaimed (and false) prophet, both Baptists and Catholics would have nothing to gain from it.

If you really want a good non-Catholic book, A. T. Robertson’s commentaries on the New Testament are great. He’s a Baptist scholar and minister.

Thank you all for your comments. Point taken! As for Keating’s Catholicism vs. Fundamentalism, I own it. (I own a lot of apologetics books by Hahn, Madrid, and others). It’s a great book, but not for my Dad. He’s very set in his ways.

He is an avid reader of theological books, etc., and is (or at one time was) extremely interested in the Protestant version of interpretations about Revelation. I once asked him if he would be interested in a different perspective (hoping to let him borrow Hahn’s Lamb’s Supper), but he looked at me sternly and answered unequivically, “No.”

Thanks again for the info!

Larry1700. What kind of books does your Father enjoy?

Many of the Baptists like “end times” items.

He may enjoy one of David Currie’s excellent books about this.

What Jesus Really Said about the End of the World

Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind

Or if he is like the anti-Catholics in my family, if it has anything Catholic, he might reject it.

The late David Chilton (who was a non-Catholic) has a book called: The Days of Vengeance: An Exposition of the Book of Revelation.

According to Dr. Hahn, this book comes pretty close to Catholic theology yet is still authored by a Protestant.

Adventists are called Adventists because they believe in the imminent end of the world, the Seventh Day Adventists like the Jehovah Witnesses are a direct offshoot from William Millers movement that predicted the end of the world in 1843 and then 1844.
In E.G. White’s book The Great Controversy ( which is mostly plagiarised ) she expounds upon this theme using the stock standard approach of most of these movements which is to put their own interpretation on the books of Revelation and Daniel, and then contemporise these interpretations with their own movement as Gods chosen people along with the demonization of all others that oppose them.
As can be expected from this approach the Catholic Church comes in for a fair bit of vilification being identified as the Whore of Babylon etc and in E.G.Whites case the Church is the Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast is Sunday worship.
So if you want to give your Father a book that identifies the Catholic Church as the Beast, Anti-Christ, and Whore of Babylon from the book of revelations and perpetuates the gross historical errors and myths about the Church from the Middle-Ages, Written by an uneducated, superstitious, fringe protestant who followed William Miller out into the middle of a field in 1844 with ten thousand others many of whom had stuck angels wings to their backs to assist in flight for when they would meet Jesus in the air, then this is the book for you.

Greetings, Larry.

I grew up a Seventh-day Adventist and have, by grace, fled its manifold delusional doctrines. I cannot say that every piece of SDA literature is dreadful. However, “The Great Controversy” provides a very narrow religious and historical perspective which places the Sabbath, and largely the Adventist church, as central to God’s past, present, and future design for the world. This, of course, is to the exclusion of all other Christian faiths which are denounced, one and all, as comparatively flawed in their teachings and thus subject to the allegedly evil jurisdiction of the notorious Beast of Revelations: the Pope and Catholic Church at large. This ideology has stemmed and encouraged if not outright disdain for the Catholicism, paranoid fear for its adherents, to the extent that with every new papal appointment, there arise suspicion, finger-pointing, and expectation that he must be the villainous Anti-Christ.

For example, such poppy-cock has already long circulated regarding Pope Francis, who was accused by Hugo Gambetta, a former practicing SDA minister, of plotting the extermination of Seventh-day Adventists worldwide, in revenge for the Pope’s brother allegedly converting to the denomination. This brother of Pope Francis has since been proven otherwise–indeed, deceased at the time initially designated for this supposed conversion to Adventism. You can listen to some of the nonsense here or simply google: In the face of criticism, the pastor was forced to recant his absurdities. Some Adventists, at least, did not jump to conclusions; but many more did and still hold Pope Francis with contempt. It is absolutely ridiculous! This is, incontrovertibly, the fruit of “The Great Controversy”, and, among the shelves of “Christian” conspiracies, a more sour, unhealthful volume of rubbish you will never read. I beg you to stay clear of it!

It is annoying to me to think how much Christ suffered on the cross for our sins and, since then, how terribly courageous Christians suffered for His sake; yet this woman has the nerve to argue one commandment over all as the deciding factor for salvation. :tsktsk: Then, at the same time, if you were to browse her other books, like her “Testimonies” volumes, “Messages to Young People”, “Counsel to Parents, Teachers, and Students” etc., you will find a set of rules longer than the Nile River, listing endless exhortations in the name of God! All these things, along with her prophecies, are purportedly inspired, shown her by Heavenly Messengers. (I must add that most Adventists conveniently ignore these other rules.) Take all that into account and heaven would be an empty place, indeed. No one has ever gone and none of us can go, not even her, for she was said to engage, 'til her death, some of the very activities she decried. If one cannot trust her words in these books, I do not see how anyone could wish to read the “The Great Controversy”, except for informative or entertaining purposes to see her flagrant historical inaccuracies and deranged ideology. Doubtless you and your precious father have worthier ways to pass the time.

There are other fine, more uplifting Christian literature to give as a gift. Please do try another choice. Your mind and soul will be better at peace for it!

God bless :slight_smile:

Some fella was reading his Bible at an airport a few years ago. I asked him what book he’s reading and we began discussing out faith.

He handed me that book which I thought was extremely generous. I only got through the first few chapters before I recognized it was a load of anti-Catholic malarky. Not worth anyone’s time imo. It’s a giant conspiracy theory book.

I understand. So, let me also put in a plug for David Currie’s “What Jesus Really Said…” book. It’s written in a way that even a non-Catholic can enjoy it. Based purely on scripture and our knowledge of contemporaneous culture and language, it supports the veracity of Christ’s words and predictions.

Former Seventh-day Adventist here.

The denomination is notoriously anti-Roman Catholic.

May I recommend any books by Scott Hahn or Fr. Larry Richards?



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