Great explanation of the Mass (1649); Kiss of Peace?

Here’s an old Catechism with a great explanation of the symbolism of the Tridentine Mass (the rest is standard fare). Here’s the chapter on the Mass.

I was surprised, however, to see this question:

Q. Why is the *Pax, *or kiss of peace, given before communion?
A. To signify, that peace and mutual charity, which ought to be among the faithful, who all eat of one bread and of the Eucharist and are all members of one mystical body.

I was under the impression that the kiss of peace had been dropped well before the Council of Trent. So when was it actually dropped? :confused:

It hasn’t. At Solemn High Masses, they exchange the “kiss of peace,” albeit it’s among the clergy and in a different manner than what you probably see at the normative Mass.

It has never been dropped.

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(Solemn High Mass) only people in the Sanctuary give the Kiss of Peace - it gets passed from the celebrant to the deacon, to the subdeacon to the MC to the priests/seminarians in choir.

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