Great Father Michael Rodriguez Sermon.

The brave priest, Fr Michael Rodriguez, love’s God and His Church very much.
He gives this excellent sermon:


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Father Rodriguez is an inspiration (read The Remnant article about his work re-establishing the traditional Mass in little towns across Texas) but be careful posting about him on CAF; others have been banned for it.

Banned for posting on good orthodox priests?

Apparently his conflict with his ordinary makes him anathema here.

Did he not promise obedience to his ordinary at the time of his deaconate ordination?

One can only legitimately obey what is good.

He has been ostracized for being orthodox and unequivocal in his language.

It all started when he publicly spoke at a city council about homosexuality in conjunction with an Opinion piece in the local paper. He was moved from El Paso to some little town in BFE, Texas. Ironically, the women of the parish he was moved TO had been praying for a traditional priest because they were sick of the modern type, as well as they wanted the TLM. So, God is still using Fr. Rodriguez despite the evil which is being done to him.

He’s being hamstrung for saying the truth.

That doesn’t seem likely. However, uncharitable remarks about his bishop might get a member in trouble. CAF requires us to show respect for bishops, priests and religious. We can criticize what they say or do, but it needs to be done in a polite and respectful manner.

Here is the relevant post from the rules of this forum

[quote=Thomas Casey]Negative and rude comments toward clergy (deacons, priests and bishops) or toward religious and religious orders are banned.

Everyone, online and offline, deserves to be spoken to and about respectfully. However, some posters seem to feel that clergy and religious are fair game.

If you have an issue with them, take it up in private, not on this forum or any of our forums.

You may cite something from another source, if you are not using it to further an agenda. Agenda posting is not allowed.

If we deem that you are disrespectful to our clergy and religious, you will receive an infraction or even a ban.

Proof what you write before you post.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thomas Casey

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I watched this recently - it’s great.

And if someone got banned for posting a sermon almost entirely composed of quotations from Saints, Popes, and approved apparitions on a Catholic forum…my mind would be blown. The good Father doesn’t even add his own opinions in between them from what I remember. Not that that would be a bad thing coming from a holy man like him.

Thank you Ottoviani for this link. It is very insightful, also a little frightening but definitely a reminder that God is in control and He is greater than the one seeking to destroy the Church.

The good Father quotes Malachi Martin, neither a saint nor a holy man and a highly dubious source.

He had me until there.

How so?

Yes he did.
And what is your point?

Father Martin is a reliable source as he worked in the Vatican for Cardinal Bea, as his secretary, for five years.

By virtue of his promise, and subsequent ordination, he should not be in public conflict with his ordinary. It is understandable that the bishop has re-assigned him.
(of course, my original response was in reference to another post that has since been removed)

Fr Rodriguez did nothing wrong in moral or canonical law.
There is no problem with him being obediant to his Ordinary.
He is.

Again what is your point?

Here is another courageous priest:

Religious Liberty Homily.mp4

This is from the EWTN web page.

Note that the “Enthronement of Satan at the Vatican” was from a NOVEL–“Windswept House.” It is a fictional event.

Malachi Martin

[Note: Although Mr. Martin died in 1999 the following comments are still useful, given the continuing interest in his writings and positions.]

We get many questions about Malachi Martin, his books and his credentials. Not all of them can be answered due to an absence of information. The following is what is known.

Malachi Martin states, and the Holy See will confirm if asked, that “In 1965, Mr. Martin received a dispensation from all privileges and obligations deriving from his vows as a Jesuit and from priestly ordination.” [Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, 25 June 1997, Prot. N. 04300/65].

Concerning the allegations about churchmen found in Windswept House under the guise of fiction, they would certainly be sad if true, and other sources have suggested the basic factualness of some of the accounts. However, even if they were based on fact the Church is in no more danger of being overcome by the gates of hell today than it was during any of the other crises of history. Jesus had his Judas and history shows that His Mystical Body has had its share, as well. To deny the past and present Judases within the Church would be wrong. However, to act as if it made any difference to our obligations of obedience would be to take scandal (called passive scandal) from those who are giving scandal. Jesus warns us about those who would give scandal to his little ones (Mt. 18:6) and thereby sought by that warning to provide an antidote for passive scandal, as well. In his Summa Theologiae St. Thomas Aquinas tells us,

Passive scandal implies that the mind of the person who takes scandal is unsettled in its adherence to good. Now no man can be unsettled, who adheres firmly to something immovable. The elders, i.e. the perfect, adhere to God alone, Whose goodness is unchangeable, for though they adhere to their superiors, they do so only in so far as these adhere to Christ, according to 1 Cor. 4:16: “Be ye followers of me, as I also am of Christ.” Wherefore, however much others may appear to them to conduct themselves ill in word or deed, they themselves do not stray from their righteousness, according to Ps. 124:1: “They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Sion: he shall not be moved for ever that dwelleth in Jerusalem.” Therefore scandal is not found in those who adhere to God perfectly by love, according to Ps. 118:165: “Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling-block [scandalum].” [ST II-II question 43, article 5, answer]

Perfect men sometimes fall into venial sins through the weakness of the flesh; but they are not scandalized (taking scandal in its true sense), by the words or deeds of others, although there can be an approach to scandal in them, according to Ps. 72:2: “My feet were almost moved.” [ibid., response to objection 3]

So even if the crimes alleged in Windswept House actually occurred they do no more than confirm what the Catholic striving to be perfect should already know, human beings, even priests and bishops, are potentially capable of the most heinous acts of insubordination to God. This knowledge, as we conclude from St. Thomas’ teaching, must not change our own unswerving fidelity to ecclesiastical authority in matters that fall under the competence of that authority.

Answered by Colin B. Donovan, STL

Wow, great video. Thanks for sharing. Yea for courageous priests.

Fr Martin was never dispensed from his priestly life only from his vow of obedience to the Jesuits.
Fr Martin continued to offer Mass and he sacraments for the rest of his life.
To call him “Mr Martin” is incorrect and disrespectful to his ministry.
He remains a priest forever.

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