Great Fr. Mike Schmitz video


Yeah, pretty much. I try to put Jesus at the center of my life, but I do have a fear of suffering that I guess I shouldn’t have. I’m not sure how to live in the reality that this world is not my home. What does that look like?

Thanks for posting!

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Love Fr. Mike!


O Death, where is thy sting? O Death, thou shalt die!
Praise God in Jesus Christ we no longer are slaves to the fear of death!


One gets more used to it when most of all of one’s loved ones aren’t living in this world any more. “Home” is wherever they have all gone off to. Hopefully Heaven.


I really enjoyed the video! Thanks for posting!

I was amused that just before the world shut down in March all of my Atheist friends were freaked out, talking about how they were terrified, keeping their distance, and cleaning everything. My Catholic friends were hugging, deeply social, and oblivious.

I dunno. I did the antibody test, and they said I had no antibodies. The test said that if people had a mild case you might not have a positive antibody test result. My symptoms were mild. Anyway, I was very much exposed at a church event by people who did test positive, and within a little over a week of that I lost sense of taste and smell. I had an annoying cough that took months to kick. Whatever I got I could have done without.

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With all due respect, I know plenty of Catholics who were taking reasonable precautions not to get sick while trusting in the Lord. I don’t think it’s appropriate to mock people who kept social distance and cleaned. I would expect Catholics to do that too just like I expect them to wear their masks and not go hugging and touching people not in their families.

God expects us to keep calm, carry on, and trust him, but he also expects us to use common sense, and priests have also been preaching that from the pulpit here.

I personally think a Catholic or anyone else who was “hugging, deeply social, and oblivious” just before the shutdown would have been behaving very stupidly and I would have told them so. I wasn’t exactly living locked in my house but I also wasn’t going out of my way to run around spreading any germs out there.

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You should reread what I wrote. I certainly wasn’t mocking them. The whole point of my post was that was a pretty smart thing to do.

We needed you there where I was just before the world shut down. It may have saved me from coughing for 3 months. With that being said, lots of people didn’t really realize the gravity of this thing in early March.

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your post.

The Catholics here were pretty good about distancing back in March, but these days everyone seems to be throwing caution more to the winds. I hope we don’t have another spike.

Most of the time I think the entire world misunderstands Covid…including me. Perhaps my posts reflect that. No doubt Covid is a very real threat. How do we fix it?! We definitely should not throw caution to the wind. As for lock downs…that’s a long and complicated issue for other threads. You were lucky that the Catholics you knew were good on distancing and precautions.

As for what Fr. Mike said, he had a genuine point about not fearing death. That’s part of it for sure. However, a healthy fear of cough that lasts for months is a good thing I think. If you get Covid and have even a mild case, that is what you very likely will have. I think Fr. Mike missed that part. The vast majority of people who get this won’t die, but Covid is messing with their health and quality of life. That was part of my point.

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