Great kid on YouTube



She’s adorable! Love it!


Holy cow! Does this kid ever stop to breathe?? :smiley: Made me tired just watching her!
She was adorable though. Nice to see such a zealous faith in someone so young.


Quick question: Should I go to the Tridentine or the Novus Ordo Latin Mass?


I recommend the EF. The Novus Ordo in Latin is just that, an OF in Latin. The EF will be a more “different” experience.


Dumb question: The Extraordinary Form is the Tridentine then?

Should I take a missal and even hope to follow along? I do not know Latin.


You beat me to it I was going to post this video. I recommend posting it to any Catholic you know. I posted it several times on Facebook.

What a gorgeous Kid, wish my kids were like that.


The first time you go, don’t stress about following along. Just immerse yourself in the Mass.


I expect it will be like going back to my pre-Vatican II childhood.



Probably even better.


EF=Tridentine Mass/Pian Mass/Missal of 1570 (current edition 1962)
OF=Novus Ordo/Pauline Mass/Missal of 1969 (Latin editio typica 2002, English translation 2011)

You can perhaps acquaint yourself with the Order of Mass if you have a Missal, and you might even take it with you to follow along if you suddenly have a huge memory deluge :), but if not, I highly recommend just going without it and doing what everyone else does. Immerse yourself into the sensory parts of it before getting technical with Missals.


[quote="YoungTradCath, post:11, topic:291642"]
EF=Tridentine Mass/Pian Mass/Missal of 1570 (current edition 1962)


Maybe it's just a rumor but we should be getting some new prefaces and saints added to the calendar soon.


Awesome!:thumbsup: Great video!:smiley: I love the Latin Mass! :highprayer:



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