Great Marriage Article - "Stepping on Air Hoses"


** Stepping On Air Hoses **

  • Ephesians 5:33 commands a husband to love his wife. Why? She needs love like she needs air to breathe. Ephesians 5:33 commands a wife to respect her husband. Why? He needs respect like he needs air to breathe. What happens when each steps on the others air hose? *

A wife fixes her husband’s favorite meal but he comes home 40 minutes late. The food is cold.

Hurt, she makes a remark, as he walks through the door, “You are always late and never call me. You are so uncaring! If you loved me, you’d call!”

That comment sets him off. With a look of disgust, he exits the kitchen. Putting on his running gear, he leaves the house for an hour run.

Obvious to every woman watching this, he misses her heart.

Obvious to every man watching this, her disrespectful verbiage blinds him to her inner sadness and pain.

Why does this kind of thing happen?



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