Great movie to recommend

My husband and I have just purchased a movie by Cecil B. DeMille, “King of Kings,” which was made in the 20’s as a silent movie. If you like a more traditional, devotional approach this is really one to catch! I have never seen one so reverent, except maybe Father Peton’s films.

It actually starts with a color sequence, believe it or not. Must have been expensive.

A couple of things to note: While the actor who plays Jesus does a completely excellent job, he was fairly old for the role, and so his physical looks are not quite there. Not like Jim Caviezel in that sense. Still, he really commands a presence in spite of this drawback.

Also, for parents, Mary Magdelene has a pretty immodest costume on at the beginning of the movie.

Plenty of interesting ideas about the characters of the Bible, and most of the dialouge is direct Scripture quotations.

A great buy.

God Bless,

That film was recently aired on national tv here, but the one annoying and surely untrue comment of Jesus was to the thief, which was written that he promised him that he would be with him where he went that day, where in fact, we all know, that Jesus spoke that only the devil makes promises.

Other than that i would also agree, tactful…

Wait a minute, wasn’t that statement also in the Gospel?

No Jesus replied “in truth i tell you”, but having said that i think i might off seen it in an NIV bible, which would indeed nullify the whole bible let alone denominations.

I cant be bothered to look that up out of mercy and the hope i`m wrong, but somehow they have now omitted certain Quotes, passages ect; in the 2011 version.(ODD)…

king james bible (lk 23:43)
and jesus said unto him, verily i say unto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

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