Great New Video on the Priesthood

Fr. Robert Barron has just released a new video on the priesthood. I think it’s awesome.

Really lovely, would nearly apply myself if I was a guy, but am a woman. Its well done.

I really like Fr. Barron’s work. What a wonderful video.

Fr. Barron does really good work, loved his Catholicism series and now I like this.

That was such a cool video!

I got halfway through the video and all I really saw was them trying to connect aspects of basketball with the priesthood. While that may be a nice way to advertise their tournament to the other seminaries, I really didn’t see the relevance for vocations (unless you’re target audience is basketball players). :shrug:

Fr. Barron is very good with his various commentaries, but I’m not a big fan of this.:compcoff:

Maybe you should’ve watched the last half. That’s what I thought at first, too.

I watched the whole thing, but my point was that their delivery was way too late into the video. Compare it with “Fishers of Men” and you’ll see what I mean.:popcorn:

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