Great News


In another thread, “Trends in Catholic Education”, I mentioned that I had an interview for a job last weekend. Specifically, the job was as head principal of the elementary school for the Cathedral of our diocese.

Needless to say (given the thread title), I was offered that position.

I couldn’t be more pleased. For the last two or three years I have been doing apologetics in our diocese, giving talks and appearing on our diocesan television program, but I’ve been looking for a way to bring that and my career as an educator (public school language arts teacher through this year) together, and this opportunity seemed like a gift from God. I am so excited about the impact that I can have, as God’s tool, working directly with the kids and their families.

My wife is a little bummed out because this will mean moving from the parish where she grew up (and where she hoped our kids would go to school). That part bothers me some, too, but it seems like ultimately the right thing to do.

Keep me in your prayers, along with another poster, KCT, who had an interview today and will hopefully come to this thread to let us know how it went.


Hey, that’s awesome! Congratulations! :thumbsup:



The chance to impact the lives of so many people with the truth is definitely a wonderful opportunity.



You have to move because of distance?


No, we don’t have to move because of distance. Actually, the new school is closer to where we already live (we would even be in that parish, but the boundaries are not enforced here, so we’ve stuck with my wife’s home parish). The selection committee, however, desires for the principal to be a part of the parish community, and I personally think it would be a good idea for the kids to see their principal at worship and to let the parents know I’m a part of the community. I’m also attracted to the idea of my kids attending a school where I can attest to the quality (the oldest will enter preschool in a year or so).


That makes sense. There are several teachers in our area that teach in a public school but send their kids to our Catholic Grade school. I always thought that sent a bad message like they weren’t endorcing the school they worked for. OR our Catholic grade school didn’t pay as well. :rolleyes:

Congrats on your new job.


Huge congratulations! That’s great news.

I don’t expect to hear anything for a while.

If I don’t get it, I plan to continue home teaching for the county.



thank you for sharing your good news with US!!!


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