Great quote from Patricia Heaton (aka Debra Barone) on having kids


“I used to use birth control, but then once I started having kids, I thought, ‘I don’t want to stop this.’ Souls are eternal. A TV show may go on for nine years and then it’s over. I don’t think they’ll be watching reruns in heaven.”



aww good for her! She is one of the few pro-life celebs out there, I think her sister is a nun.


I love her. And I love her new show “The Middle”!


I really like her. I pray for her to return to the church.


She left the church? I didn’t know that.


Yes. I don’t think she would call it that. But what do you call it when you get a divorce and won’t look into getting an annulment then you get remarried and attend a different church where you get your children baptized? Sounds like leaving the church to me.


I know several people who have done that but still go to Catholic Church. I’m not saying it’s right, but we’re all sinners…even those who are Catholic, so I try not to think about their sin. Maybe she still is a Catholic.


Of course she is a Catholic but she attends a protestant church. She may go to a Catholic Church now and again. Like I said I like her but I pray for her to come back home.


Oh, I hadn’t realized she started attending a protestant church. Is she a member of a protestant church or does she just attend from time to time? I am a catholic but I often go to a protestant service because I enjoy the music. I still go to mass, though, too.


I think I read she considers herself Presbyterian now. The Catholic influence is obviously there, though. :slight_smile:


[quote="lovemyboys, post:10, topic:191910"]
I think I read she considers herself Presbyterian now. The Catholic influence is obviously there, though. :)


Yes, it's still there.


I agree. It’s still there. :slight_smile:


The last thing I read was she still considers herself a Catholic, and maybe she does attend mass now and again. You are correct though, she does attend a Presbyterian church with her family-yet does not consider herself Presbyterian. Of course, I don’t know all the facts but I do believe that she is a good, practicing Christian just trying to figure out where she belongs. :slight_smile: So, I too pray that she sees that she’s been in the right place all along. It is clear that she has a strong faith in God and hopefully that will carry her full circle back to the Church. :smiley:

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