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If you’ve not yet checked, you’re missing out on a great treat: an archive of sermons (going back to early 2003) with more quotes from the Saints and dogmatically defined Church Teaching than you’re likely to hear anywhere else. The site is updated at least weekly (this past Sunday’s sermon being the first in a must-hear series on Sacred Scripture). And for you iPod-carrying types or iTunes users, there’s even a podcast feed to keep you up to date automatically.

Check it out at:


Who is the priest giving the sermons? Whomever he is, he should be marked for advancement.

Yet to listen to any of 'em but they look good.

I think I’ll listen to the archived sermons week by week as they become directly relevant.


The one you have posted is from the FSSP priest’s
FSSP sermon series (<-- )

Another great replacement for the car radio on long journeys - the Catholic Sermons Series 2007 from the priests of the Fraternity of St Peter serving the St. Philippine Duchesne Latin Mass Community in Kansas City, Kansas. (copied from )

There is also a SSPX series ( )
Audio Archive (mp3’s). 02/__/1999 - 10/19/2003, sermons at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Kansas City, Missouri. (copied)

Both are very good.

Thanks for posting these. I’ve saved them in my favorites. One of the few good spiritual “fruits” of modern technology.

Excellent! Just listened to Angels and Demons, The Publican and the Pharisee…it’s a must listen!


I’ve listened to a few now - there were two different priests, one with a French accent, the other a North American. It’d be nice to have a list of who gave which.

The priests in question don’t want to be identified more than to acknowledge that they are “Catholic priests, in good standing with their bishops, and serving in north America.” After all, the message of the Faith is what is important, not the frail human beings who happen to be preaching the sermons. I suspect the concern is that identification would lead to communication, and they are already very busy caring for the souls of their parishioners; the prospect of folks from various parts contacting them with questions would strain their ability to care for the souls in their charge.

Fair enough. And the bishops are also in good standing and in full communion with Rome?

I had to think about that one for a minute to understand what you meant by it… yes, the bishops are Rome-appointed local ordinaries with full and regular jurisdiction of every soul – human and otherwise – in their diocese.

Indeed. So many people just hear the words ‘Catholic Bishop’ and don’t think of the SSPX, SSPV, Liberal Catholics and a whole bunch of others out there who ain’t in full communion with Rome.

At any rate, I can continue to enjoy the great sermons with an easy conscience now.

If you’ve taken your cellphone into the confessional, you could be compromising the Sacramental seal! This past Sunday’s sermon at explains how, and why you should never take your cellphone into the Confessional:

I’m listening to the Mission (March 11 through March 15). It is great. It’s given by a Priest with a thick New York accent.

It didn’t occur to you to report the content of this sermon accurately - ie that simply taking the battery off/out of the phone makes it perfectly safe??? No need to avoid taking it into the confessional (which for some people would be impossible)?

I’ve already started burning copies of the mission series. Awesome. The priest’s name is Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea.


He kind of reminds me of a Traditionalist Fr. Corapi from New York

I’d say he makes Fr. Corapi sound mild.

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