Great tenor, Pavarotti, has passed away,21985,22372029-663,00.html

God Bless his soul…

Perhaps one of the most beautiful performances of the Ave Maria that I have ever heard…

He will surely be missed. But I have confidence that the Holy Family in Heaven is hearing his performance for them.

I’d have more confidence in that if he hadn’t treated his own first wife of many years so shamefully :frowning:

But that’s really between him and God I guess. Certainly an absolutely glorious voice, always sent chills up my back.

We’ve all made our mistakes. I don’t think God will keep him from heaven when he still praised the Lord in song. After all, look at King David inthe Old Testament.

King David repented his sin though. And no amount of singing will help Signor Pavarotti unless he did likewise.

Maybe he did. We don’t know.

yeah I agree here…

I think god may have forgiven him, we’ll never know. His latin version of Schubert’s masterpiece is a true revelation… such a beautiful song/prayer to our lady…

We are to condemn sin for what it is. If he didn’t repent of that, then he most likely went to hell.

Let’s not commit sin ourselves by speculating on the eternal destination of anyone’s soul. Yes? :slight_smile: We cannot know what difficulties he and his first wife had. That was between them and God and the Church.

I remember seeing a special in which several opera hopefuls were in a contest to decide who would get more training and a contract. Pavarotti was the main judge. He couldn’t decide between them, so, unlike American Idol, he let them all win. Says a lot about his heart, I think.

May his soul rest in the peace of God.

Praying for repose of his soul. He had a beautiful voice…the rest I leave to God to decide.:frowning:

Divorce is never justified. Sin is sin.

That was, as I stated, between them and God and the Church. We cannot know the state of a man’s soul and what peace he has made with God through the Church, therefore we have no right to judge.

And civil divorce is not a sin. Getting remarried after a divorce without an annulment is. There is a difference.

He just needs prayer. Obviously he had fallen away from the faith.
But in the end, only he and God can know if he repented of his sins.:frowning:

Nicoletta Mantovani (13 December 2003 - present) 1 child
Adua Veroni (1960 - 2000) (divorced) 3 children


Since 2003 Pavarotti has been married to his assistant, Nicoletta Mantovani, who bore him twins in January 2003. Unfortunately due to complications at the time of birth only one child survived, daughter Alice. He also has three grown-up children with his first wife, Adua.

Married his longtime partner Nicoletta in a song-filled ceremony held in the main theater of the tenor’s hometown, northern Italy.

Daughter with Mantovani, Alice, was born in January 2003

Yes, that is not the right way to do things and would be sinful for anyone. Still, and I’m sure you agree, we cannot know if he made a good confession before he died or not. Let us hope so.

Even with everything we do know, we cannot say what his final destination might be since we cannot know anyone’s final destination unless s/he has been declared at least a “servant of God,” am I right?

But, getting back to the real topic of the thread, I enjoyed his voice even though I am not an opera devotee. He left a legacy like no one else, and will be missed, particularly in the world of music.

May God have mercy on him and bless him, and I pray that he did indeed repent of any sin --public or private, mortal or venial–as I pray indeed that I, and all of us, may do, before death.

Amen, and amen. :signofcross:

:amen: Gods Mercy is always there for all to accept or reject. Thank goodness, or none of us would make it.

Let’s get some things clear.

  1. In the eyes of God, even after a civil divorce, a couple is still presumed to be married, unless the contrary is proven in a Tribunal procedure.

  2.   There are two canonical reasons for separation with the bond of marriage continues.  The  first is adultery -- the innocent party has the right to separate.   (Although contrition,  forgiveness and reconciliation are encouraged, it is not strictly required and in some cases  it is not possible or appropriate.)  The second is danger -- the spouse in danger can  remove him or herself from danger and also take children out of danger.  (This danger can  be physical, psychological, due to drugs or alcohol abuse, etc.)
  3. Divorce in the Church is forbidden.

  4. Sometimes a civil divorce is necessary for the protection of one’s rights.)

You said,

My mother was (is) a big opera fan and I grew up hearing his beautiful voice in my home.

It was really sad to hear this news today.

I pray that he’s at peace, at home with the Lord. :gopray:

Really, you don’t need to go through this exhaustive explanation when what I wrote said the same thing without all the rhetoric. Why you want to insist we disagree when we don’t is beyond me. :shrug:

Besides, this discussion is hijacking the thread, and I’ve written all I have the energy or interest in writing about it. :yawn:

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