Great Video

Way better than modern day Catholic guitar hand clappen liturgical music. :thumbsup:

Well, I tried to view it and got this message instead:

[SIGN]The url contained a malformed video id. [/SIGN]

Tridentine Liturgy Cathederal St. Louis MO. :thumbsup:

I tried it and it still works.

Well, it works now. :thumbsup:

The first link took me to a video for “Fundamentum” by Lesiem, a German pseudo-new age group (have to say that the music is incredible and well, I liked it).

Another Video of Tridentine Mass from 1941. Narrarated by Msr Fulton Sheen. What once was!. People actually going to Easter Mass at Midnight, not 5:00pm. In Orthodoxy our Easter Vigil is always at Midnight.

What I find interesting in this 1941 video, is that you have a choir of Roman Catholics who can actually sing, as well as the priest. And it seems you also have the Gregorian Chant, and allot of incense. Similar to what I now have in Orthodoxy. With Byzantine instead of Gregorian Chant. Far from what most Roman Catholics today have. Yeh! Roman Catholics did have something in common with the Holy Orthodox Church back in 1941, but not now!. Remember in Orthodoxy, the Divine Liturgy, or worship of God, is the essence of Orthodoxy. We do everything to make it as immaculate and as spiritual as possible. Because God is present!. In modern day Roman Catholicism, the mass is about catering to parisheners needs. What is convenient!. Let’s go with the times. Lay people should play the priests part, during Holy Communion. Let’s hear folk songs at mass. Orthodoxy is about holy unchanging tradition in our Worship. Kind of like what Traditionalist Catholics want today. Hence why we snicker allot when Roman Catholics say we have allot in common with the Orthodox today. “The Two Lungs”. It is far from true!. Until the Roman Catholic Church as a whole, from the chapel to the Basilca, celebrates mass as though every mass was a High Mass like in 1941. And not a performance like today . Then and only then, will their be a common ground with Orthodoxy.

Now in comparison watch one of the Live Services to your right of the webpage. This is just a parish!. :thumbsup:

wow this video is kind of ridiculous lol

WOW I say a warhammer video awhile back an at first thought these guys were Ultramarines!?


I have no idea what I should be thinking or feeling at this moment.

That’s what I saw. Was the video on the first link supposed to be “Fundamentum” by Lesiem or a Mass video? I did like the Lesiem video, though, and I agree that it sounds better than the Haugen/Haas music sung in many churches.

Then first video was by Lesiem, a new age style Gregorian Chant group, like Enigma. The second and third videos are of the Latin Mass. One modern and one from 1941.:thumbsup:

I saw the Mass videos too. Those are great. I like all the videos.

Here is another good one: :smiley:

No GUITARS in this one. Just beautiful chanting, the way it should be.

What is the hood that the priest is wearing? I’ve never noticed a hood before, but I saw it when he was vesting for Mass. He pulled the hood on before his maniple was placed on his arm.

Not sure?. If the Roman Catholic Church here in the US, had an equivalent amount of Tridentine Masses as they do the NOvus ordo masses, if you can call it a mass:( . I could witness and learn about the Tridentine Mass and would be able to answer your question. The nearest one is around 40 miles away, at an odd ball time. :mad:

I don’t really like the video - the music’s quite good but what’s wrong with REAL straight-up Gregorian?

Just a word of warning here. Not all things sung in Latin are appropriate. My oldest son (who grew up NO with minimal Latin at our cathedral parish) is now interested in Latin. He brought home a CD for me to listen to which was the most vulgar, obscene music played in in medieval manner in Latin. He was shocked when I told him what I thought the lyrics were…

On the other hand…the TLM from St. Louis…my choir sings choral introits at our NO cathedral Mass similar to this video in Latin. So, I have that much…I’m not sorry my friends who are my age (55) and who like the NO. That’s great for you all. How can I explain to you what I feel when I hear the choral Introit in Gregorian chant; hear the prayers at the foot of the altar; hear the censer’s chain? I drop into the presence of the Lord. BAM! The mindset IS different.

I understand that you want to celebrate Mass in the vernacular. That’s fine! But I “hear”, “feel” and “see” something beyond. I was an altar boy before VII. I’ve sung in a cathedral choir from 1983 and we have had to fight for singing in Latin. I was a teenager during VII and I was quite content with the TLM. Everyone makes it out that all of us went gentle into that good night.

Not so. Not all of us wanted to go to guitars and a’strummin’ and a’grinnin’ and a’swayin’. I did not want to sing Simon and Garfunkle’s Bridge over Troubled Waters and Sounds of Silence at my graduation from a Catholic high school in 69.

So, who speaks for us other children of the late 60s? Who speaks for us who didn’t want to see things change the way they did?

My brothers and sisters, think about this…it’s not being driven by my generation…no, it’s not. It’s coming from younger generations…which bears some thought.

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