Great young priests

We got 'em!!! And they’re orthodox and unintimidated in their messasge.

The link below is to the online version of this priest’s bulletin (hard copy) of what was handed out after mass.

Tip o’the hat to him!!

Tell us about yours.

Do you use Latin in the Holy Mass?
Do you kneel for communion and/or receive in the hand only?

Does your Holy Mass look like EWTN?
Looking for a place to move!

I’d like to ask that you please pray that my parish is assigned a priest like this, who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and teach the Catholic faith.

Latin is used during Mass. Much of the mass is sung.

I think that there is a choice for communion. I couldn’t really tell from where I was sitting. I’ve been there only a few times.
It is an absolutely beautiful Church.

I don’t have cable, so I don’t know what ewtn mass looks like.

Looking for a place to move!

Come here! The Catholic Church is expected to become the largest church in the south over the next 20 or so years, according to a Time Magazine article.

Our bishop is top-notch too.

Will do.


I want to move out of MI so bad but I really don’t want to leave my very traditional parish. Does it get steamy in the summer?

BTW, you can watch the Holy Mass from EWTN live at

Look under Mulitmedia

If you have WindowsMediaPlayer or Real Video.
Holy Mass is at Midnight, 8:00am, noon, & 7pm

Check them out, they are great.

In our parish I heard similar homilies from two of our deacons. I guess that that drives the message further home because they are both married and with children. It is easy for the people to say that a priest does not have a clue because he is not married, but when it comes from a married person with children even a knucklehead will stop and think “D’oh”.

I do not know if it by conscious choice or just because it is the way it is, but recently our priests and deacons sound like a tag team when it comes to homilies. They are even trying to setup a parish class on moral theology, that will scare quite a few modernists. BTW our pastor is not a young kid, he just turned 50, and yes he has his biretta on his desk.

[quote=mark a]Keep your MI home for the summer. It gets brutally humid june thru sept.


Well maybe we’ll have to park a pop-up on the grounds of my parish in MI, June through September.

Last week, my wife and I were in New Orleans on vacation. On the day of the Feast of the Holy Innocents, we attended noon Mass at St. Louis Cathedral. The priest was a young man (probably 30)–a good looking guy, a man’s man. His sermon message: Herod killed the innocent children by the sword; today, we do it today by abortion. I felt like cheering. It reminded me of why I recently became Catholic.

In my own parish in Texas, our assistant priest (who was ordained within the past year) is very pro-life. He recently preached the strongest pro-life sermon I’ve ever heard.

There is hope, thanks be to God.

This is my church! Fr. Smith (and Fr. Newman and Fr. Bart) are all wonderful priests. Our church was written about in George Weigel’s book "Letters to a Young Catholic."
Fr. Smith has recently celebrated his one year anniversary as a priest. He was the 23rd American to ever attend the Pope’s seminary for Roman seminarians.
He’s one of the most wonderful priests I have ever known, I can’t wait until he gets a parish of his own.

If you would like to get a little info on where he is coming from and such read the article he wrote for the New Liturgical Movement blog.

Also, I dont have the links, but he wrote a blog series during his time as a deacon in Rome which happens to be when the late pontiff passed and our current pontiff was elected.
It is called “Journal of a Roman Deacon”

All are good reads!
If you are ever in upstate South Carolina do come visit St. Mary’s!

Thanks. I will be sure to read these.

It’s a beautiful church too, by the way.

But I can tell it was built long ago when people were shorter because my feet bump the kneeler for the pew behind me.

Haha yea, we need a bigger one soon.

Yes, the pews are a bit close together, I was verbally assaulted by an older lady for sitting in the first (handicapped accessable) pew at a daily mass once. I like sitting there because Fr. can just distribute Communion easier because I am already kneeling, and also the pews are wider, but aparently sitting in the Handicapped Accessable pew at a daily mass with 50 people in a church that can hold 500 is a mortal sin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a wonderful Parish. I am fortunant enough to live a diocese where all parishes are very similar to this. Very orthodox and sound with a great Bishop. :thumbsup:

And if you are on the opposite side of the same state/diocese, here’s another great highly orthodox one!

Well what do you know? We’ve been to this one a few times while on vacation!

The choir’s harmonies are absolutely awesome! The garden is really nice too.

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