Greater Idaho Proposal

I think we may see more of these type of proposals in the future. Probably little chance of success, but worth the effort and an opportunity to gain better representation for areas that get little of their concerns addressed.

Eastern Oregon and northern California are as different as night and day from western Oregon, (Portland), southern and coastal California (LA, San Diego, San Francisco). They are mainly rural and have little in common cultural or same needs as the larger cities. The same could be said for northern Michigan and Wisconsin, Upstate NY as opposed to NYC, Chicago and downstate Illinois. Both are worlds apart.

I think Texas is the only state that can legally divide in to 2 separate states, although shifting state boundaries has been done in in the past.

It is not just a matter of Red and Blue voting, although rural areas typically vote Red, but also a matter of addressing issues more on a local level that seriously deals with the areas needs.

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