Greatest Blessings of Hospice? When one passes


I wonder how many people are unaware of the blessings of hospice. Many know it only as a death sentence for their loved ones. Though many people I know have been in hospice for well over a year and even beyond that. I have just loss a beloved friend who died in hospice and the fact he was in hospice was the greatest blessing for the family. For this reason…

They were bringing him home to pass away in his own bed and he passed during the two-hour trip. Had he not been in hospice…they would have had to stop at the nearest hospital/police station to report that he died in the car. They would have taken him out of their car and to the ER to pronounce him dead and the family would have had to leave him there.

The same would have been true had he not been in hospice and died at home. The family would have had to call 911 and an ambulance would have had to come out to the home…take him to the hospital to declare determine that he had passed away.

Because he was in hospice…they continued their drive home and notified hospice. They reached home and carried him in the house…place him in his bed and the whole family ( and family pet) spend hours with their dad/grandpa…until they were ready to call for the funeral home to come and pick him up. He made it home ~ laid in his bed for as long as the family needed.

The same would have been true had he died at home while in hospice…the hospice nurse would have come out…then allowed the family as much time as they wanted. When the family was ready, the funeral home would be called. Nothing rushed ~ nothing hurried.

Hospice is the respectful way to approach the death process…Please consider it if your loved one has a terminal illness. This does not mean they will pass away next week - or even next month…it is a way to give the family an honorable way to say their goodbyes.

I have experienced this myself with my own family…hospice is not an end ~ it is an eternal blessing that you will hold close to your heart. I have.


I do not have any personal experience with hospice but have heard from others I am close to that it was a real blessing, just as you described. I agree it gives loved ones time and helps them to heal.

Hopefully more people will be made aware of this choice by your post.


JMJconder, your post made me cry. I remember when my father passed away a year-and-a-half ago. He was in the hospital with all these tubes and hoses and wires and probes and all that. I was there when he passed. It would have been so much better if he had been able to die at home, but no one knew that his illness was terminal until just a couple of hours before his death.

Thank you for telling us this wonderful story about the passing of your friend. I am sure that the manner of his death brought great comfort to you and his family.

I am sorry for the loss of your friend and you and his family are in my prayers.

May God grant you His peace.


I know hospice was a great blessing when my grandfather died. My Dad actually has positive memories of those last few days when they were all there with him.

Coming away from watching your cancer-riddled father hallucinating and in pain with ANYTHING positive is a gift that cannot be valued.


My MIL had hospice care; she lived w/ us at the end and died in our living room.

Our kids were 4, 7, and 9 at the time and it was a blessing for all of us. I wouldn’t do it any differently.


When my brother became terminally ill from brain cancer, he went into a home hospice program. (There are hospices that have their own facility) It was the most loving thing we could have done. My mom, my two sisters and I and his wife all got to be in the bed with him and hugging him while he passed into his Heavenly Father’s arms.

Right then I decided I would someday “pay it forward” and work in hospice myself. when I ten years later became an RN, I became a Hospice nurse for two years. (I would be one this very day if I could still physically do it.) It was the BEST two years ever! I can tell you many, many stories of the blessings shared. I feel I received as many blessings as the patients did!

My father in law was also in hospice when he died of colo-rectal CA. As a result, he was at home the last 5 months of his life. He had all the necessary pain medication he needed to be comfortable. He could see all his family as often and as long as he wanted. And when he died, it was not in a hospital surrounded by strangers.

Hospitals are wonderful, beautiful places when you need them! (I was just releaed from one yesterday!!!) But when one is ready to go to Heaven, it is beautiful to happen at home, surrounded by your loved ones.


My Mother is the third relative receiving hospice care.

The first, suffering from cancer, died at home comfortably and surrounded by family.

My mother’s husband died of conjestive heart failure with wonderful hospice nurses who kept him and the family laughing. I can’t begin to tell you the things they did for us. One drove to their house after a blizzard when we couldn’t get out to help because our roads were blocked with snow. When he died, the nurse came in the morning and discovered him, dressed the body for the undertaker, then went in and woke my Mother and called the family.

Now Mom has Alzheimer’s and conjestive heart failure. Like before, all equipment and supplies were delivered to our house to ensure her comfort.

Hospice is wonderful. Angels sent from heaven.


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