Greatest Car Chase Movie

What is the greatest car chase movie of all time? There are a lot of very good car chases out there (who can forget Bullitt, The French Connection, the Road Warrior, etc., etc.).

For my money it is Ronin with its gritty realism, wrong way driving in traffic, numerous crashes, dramatic tension and its incredible sense of speed and real danger) What’s yours?

I do love a good car chase. The one I saw most recently and adored was Live Free or Die Hard.

Smokey and the Bandit, with the Bandit, the Snowman, Frog, and Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

Oh that one was good.

Bullit, with French Connection 2nd, and What’s Up Doc (take off on Bullit) 3rd.

I love all mentioned prior, but you got to love The Blues Brothers. They were on a mission!:smiley: Tim

When I was fifteen myself and some friends lied about our age [17] to see The French Connection man that car chase was wild. The only reason we went to see that movie we thought it was going to about sex.:eek: Boys will be boys.:stuck_out_tongue:

All movies mentioned are cool but don’t forget about the James Bond’s flicks.

My husband, Ron, would have to go with Bullitt, hands down - also because he’s in love with Steve’s car.:smiley:

I love all those movies.

Ronin is the best followed by the Blues Brothers.

The French Connection and Bullit were fine movies too.

Oh yeah, the Italian Job had some good car scenes too.

**NOTHING BEATS RONIN!!! I fell in :heart: with the Audi after watching that movie:D.

This has my vote. I just bought the DVD because someone borrowed my video & didn’t return it.

The (Original) Italian Job.

Yes! Sure, it happend at the very very end of the film, but boy howdy, it was good!

For my money the French Connection and Bullitt are a tie for first place. In French Connection what you’re seeing is real – at the time there was no Mayor’s Office of Film & Broadcast, no cops to block off side streets – according to the director two stray cars got into the chase scene.
Bullitt, of course, has Steve McQueen doing his own driving plus the gas station fireball at the end – who could ask for more?

I love Ronin and I’d give it #2but is any of it digitally enhanced or green screened or whatever? Some of those shots looked to me like they must have been.

The car action on The Bourne Supremacy was pretty good!

Although the movie isn’t “great,” the car chases are!–The Marine with John Cena and Robert Patrick. It’s hilarious–the bad guys shoot millions of bullets at John Cena as he chases them. They tear the car to shread, but somehow, they manage to miss John Cena!

The funniest line in the movie is when one of the gangsters say, 'This guy’s like the Terminator!" and Robert Patrick gives him the “evil eye.” (Robert Patrick played T-2 in Terminator II.)

The Bourne Identity car chase was AWESOME!! That was a Mini Cooper, right? With the right driver, any car can be in an excellent car chase.


“Illinois Nazis.” “I hate Illinois Nazis.”

“Are you the police?” “No, ma’am, we’re musicians.”

Gone in 60 seconds was pretty good.

Amen for the Blues Brothers - At time of release, this film held the world record for the number of cars crashed (reference IMDB).

Yes! The original movie (1974) has the longest chase scene in history, lasting for 40 minutes and destroying 93 cars.

A snippet:

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