Greatest Catholic and Christian Speakers?

EWTN, Catholic Answers,… so many great resources for audio downloads about topics concerning the faith. So many that I could not possibly listen to them all! All of them make excellent points and arguments, but I was wondering more specifically:

What speakers on the Catholic faith (or more broadly Christianity-- those who are not anti-catholic that is) are actually the best at the art of rhetoric? Who has the most inspirational/motivation abilities that you know of? Who debates the opposition most passionately and effectively?

Fulton Sheen surely takes the cake in my mind; but soon I’ll probably be done listening to all of his stuff! (plus he frequently inaudibly whispers which is quite bothersome) Corapi is also good. Who else?


Here’s a list of recommendations of Catholic speakers I’ve enjoyed listening to:

If you listen to Catholic Answers, I think you almost can never go wrong listening to their programs.

They are usually pretty good speakers; I don’t want to pick favorites, but these are some I enjoyed listening to:

  1. Fr. Groeschel, try watching his Sunday Night Live show once in a while. I bet some of his past shows on EWTN are in the Archive section of the site

  2. Fr. Mitch Pacwa: Really explains the faith well.

  3. Fr. George Rutler: Try to watch or listen to his series Christ In The City or any of his shows at

  4. I would also recommend Fr. Trigilio’s and Fr. Robert Lewis’s EWTN Web of Faith series.

They do a Question and Answer program; it’s actually kind of similar to this Forum, except the answers are written by Catholic priests, so your sure to always receive a Catholic answer to your question, while here at this Forum, except in the sections specifically handled by the Staff Apologists from CA, it is mostly lay people answering the questions.

I’ve seen really great answers here, and some folks are real knowledgeable about the faith; on the other hand . . . well, I’ve seen some answers I’ve to some questions that I thought were not so good.:slight_smile:

Also, I’ve enjoyed the Evangelical Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias who has a nationally syndicated radio program called “Let My People Think,” and a ministry located in Savannah, Georgia.

He sort of has a speaking style similar to Fr. George Rutler, and deals with similar topics.

He often quotes G.K. Chesterton and sometimes Mother Theresa.

I’ve never heard him say anything disrespectful about the Catholic Church. I would think, though, as an evangelical, he does have his views about it.

I guess I better not link him here, though I do recommend listening to him, but I would think you would have to make the determination that you are strong in the Catholic faith, and can listen to other Christians talk about Christianity in general.

I think it would be sort of be similar to reading to C.S. Lewis.

Thanks for all the recommendations! I will certainly check them out.

and I agree, Groeschel definitely is great.

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