Greatest fear in my faith journey


So as I’m moving through this journey and trying to find God and believe, I am following everyone’s advice and praying and trying to be silent. I read a thread that really concerned me about a user who did everything but did not end up finding God over the course of a decade. What if all of the objections and barriers that I perceive are real. What if God doesn’t allow me a personal experience. I’m honestly most worried that this will all turn out to be for nothing and I will have spent my life trying to do what’s right and have it be for nothing. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I appreciate any insight!


Then bear it with love.


I will do my best. Sorry for an emotion driven post.


I had the fear of dying only to see darkness at moments of trying to sleep. I understand the feeling you may be going though. Know that the LORD is here. I have experienced peace and I know that at the end of the storm comes the rainbow; light was always there, the cloud just covered up the sky. I hope this Allegory works well. just relax and take a deep breath, you might end up smiling. it helps for me especially with the phrase: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

God bless.


It does thank you so much!


One decade - searching after God ? No luck ? ?
I don’t believe that for a second.

I have heard…that Mother Theresa - near the end of her life -
didn’t feel God’s consolation, that much.

God does step back,
but I never heard of Him - ignoring anyone one of his children, like that.


Maybe the guy was wrong or something


Not just near the end of her life, but for quite some time.

Either there is nothing after death or heaven and hell exist.

If there is nothing you won’t know any better.

I don’t believe God would punish someone who has been making a sincere effort to find him.

I do think you are a little too focused on having a personal experience though. I understand you want something physical. Most of us don’t get that.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.


It doesn’t have to be physical I’m resigning myself to that fact even peace or hope would suffice. Although a sign of like someone revealing something to me they couldn’t know about me or a mystic mailing me a letter would be pretty incredible but I understand it’s not like that for everyone.


God rewards those who earnestly seek Him- Heb 11:6. Study, pray, act on what faith you have and He’ll increase it. Perseverance is everything here. I’ve received profound experiences-but I already believed long before that-and never expected or anticipated them. It’s a stepping stone process, like the Parable of the Talents. God gives, even though His first overtures are softly perceptible. We receive and respond to and act on that gift, then He gives more, drawing us nearer to Him. He wants our response; He wants our wills to be increasingly involved, gently eliciting a faith without our seeing.


I’ll continue fighting and finding I really appreciate the response.


So I need to start slow and let God work instead of frantically trying to find him. Like everyone keeps saying and I keep not understanding lol. I’m 27 but feel like I’m ten sometimes.


Spending your life doing what is right is certainly not “for nothing”. Regarding your journey to find God, our beliefs are not subject to our will. Either you will be convinced through evidence or experience that God exists or you will not. I don’t believe you can will yourself to believe. Otherwise, if you could, you would.


We strive, asking, seeking, knocking as Jesus tells us-but faith is ultimately a gift. So there’s a kind of tension. You already have faith, which you can appreciate, and yet there’s never enough, or too much; God wants us to believe and believe more yet. Our state of justice consists in our faith, hope, and love, with love the most important, and there’s no limit to the amount of that justice we can grow in.


But does faith ever mean belief in God and not constant fear of what happens when I die? Or is it a maturity issue? I’m 27 so it’s possible I’m also going through a stage of development related crisis?


I’m not sure I understand the question, but faith certainly takes the “sting out of death”.


Yeah I worded that poorly sorry! My question is more so does faith ever get to the point you aren’t constantly wondering if God exists constantly and consequently the fear of death comes about from not having hope there’s something after death. Does faith grow to the point you actually see Gods involvement in your life or is it always a situation you’ll never know he exists?


I love the last line of John C Wright’s conversion story:

“Besides, the atheist non-god is not going to send me to non-hell for my lapse of non-faith if it should turn out that I am mistaken.”


Man his experience was amazing! Now I understand I may not get that but even peace or hope would be incredible. Thank you for an inspirational response! As always you rock!


God “hides” in this life; we’re born without faith, without “the knowledge of God” as it’s called. Which means we’re born lost. And He wants us to seek him while giving just enough grace to help us do that. We already know he exists in one sense; already having his image impressed within. But pride mainly, in the beginning, in Eden, separated man from God and continues to do so now. Pride is related to fear, fear of others opinion is essential to it’s existence for one thing. In any case, yes, faith grows to the point where we can ‘Be still, and know that He is God’. But until we “see” Him directly doubt is still possible, and all the fear and pride and jealousy and covetousness that rules the world still threatens to distract us from the belief and love that would keep us still-and will succeed at times, at least until that time when we fully know and are fully known, as per 1 Cor 13

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