Greatest fear in my faith journey


That last post was supposed to be addressed to Struggling, not The Little lady. Sorry, I didn’t find how to edit that .


That helps me a lot. God has blessed you with wisdom! Have a wonderful day!


And I did read it this time :).


And, BTW, doubt and distraction from God can come even for those who’ve received the profoundest experiences in this life.


Which does frighten me. But I suppose faith is putting aside fear and doubts and logical explanation. I.e all the refutes to miracles that have happened.


Faith is a gift from God.

Know that Faith and Reason are both important, the Church never says to throw away reason (I know you said “logical explanation”).


It’s just that faith increasingly outweighs the doubt, and rest becomes the rule rather than the exception. Until we virtually forget that we ever seriously doubted. For myself I explored a variety of alternatives to Christianity, other claims to truth, and was surprised in a sense as Christianity began to speak to me more powerfully and authoritatively, until the others sort of dropped by the wayside. But I had terrible struggles at times, entertaining any and all reasons for doubt. We have to really need and want to know-and God answers, in His time, in His way.


I know part of my burden is I have a hard time there exists anything besides what can be observed or tested so it’s been a much longer process for me lol. You are inspirational thank you!


Maybe part of it is removing barriers in my personal life that prevent him from working.


IDK. I know that He died for us-and works in us-while we are still sinners.


Even while in mortal sin? Sorry for all the questions!


Absolutely-if he didn’t we’d all be dead. “Where sin abounds grace abounds”. We need to know His forgiveness and goodness, and so keep having a heart for Him. Like King David did, in spite of his ugliest of sins.


Do you at least believe that there is good and evil? If you do, and you spend your life trying to do what’s right, it will not all be for nothing. The good you do for family, friend and neighbor will have a part, no matter how small, in shaping their perception and belief in the good and they will use that to influence others. Doing good is never all for nothing.

Here are some quotes about doubt that I hope will comfort you a little and that you should spend some time thinking about- I think that what you’re going through and what you are experiencing now is because when you come out the other side, your faith is going to be rock solid. You’re being forged and formed in the furnace of doubt but it will be something beautiful in the end if you persevere.

Pierre Abelard: “The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth.”

Gordon Allport: “The mature religious sentiment is ordinarily fashioned in the workshop of doubt.”

St. Augustine: “Doubt is but another element of faith.”

Flannery O’Connor “Don’t expect faith to clear things up for you. It is trust, not

Wilson Mizner “I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.”

You’re not having doubts and questions because God is far from you. It is a sure sign He is near. The Hound of Heaven is pursuing you. To paraphrase a line of the poem “Is your gloom, after all, [simply the] shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly?”


My Brother. I testify to you that your long suffering is the actual calling of the LORD. For God has disciplined his Children for them to grow in the faith. for your own redemption and mine; out of Love Christ came and died and was resurrected. your seemly fruitless pursuit may not be a blessing but I sign that you are growing. Ironic how you said something about your saint being Saint Augustine, a man who was so drunk in his youth of sin but soon became a saint and a blessing to me. The LORD is your strength and the giver of all your life. Your soul something breath and never to be abandoned and such action like me and others helping you is the sign of God calling your prayers.Look at Cornelius in acts 19. God is with you regardless and knows your calling. keep faith, for God has given us what we can cope with. you may see this as the growing of your fruit. Love and patience are matters of this subject. Even in Darkness and sorrow, the LORD is with you.


This is why we need philosophy :slight_smile:


True I’m trying to trust some philosophy.


Listen to some of the Youtube podcasts of John C Wright and a guy who goes by Max Kolbe.


There are people of great faith, like Dorothy L. Sayers, who never have a personal experience of God in this life. Sayers knew God through reason and logic, and found it satisfying until she could meet Him face to face.

Everyone experiences His love differently. That is part of His love for us as individuals.

That said, a regular prayer life and Mass attendance are the best ways to make yourself available to God. It is not fair to complain about Him not showing Himself to you, if He can’t find you showing yourself to Him!


Pretty amazing for her and it scares me cause I’ve read all the logic and reasoning arguments I can find and I am still a doubter :/.


Perhaps the person that didn’t find God in 10 years was a) not really trying to give their life to God or b) wasn’t listening. God gives us subtle signs. Its up to us to listen and watch for these signs. To put them to use in our daily lives.

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