Greatest homily ever


Today I heard the greatest homily ever given in the history of the world.
“Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Jesus read from the scroll and then delivers that one single line. Sure, the Sermon on the Mount is good. But it’s not as good.

Now, imagine this in modern times: Jesus says, “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing,” then…MIC DROP!.. and he walks away. That would be truly awesome.


Love that one.
Hear it once a week, Thursdays, third of the Luminous Mysteries. :hugs:


But then the people of the synagogue in Nazareth rose up and put him out of the city and wanted to throw him down the steep hill. They certainly did not like hearing it, but thank God we do. Lamb of God, have mercy on us faithful!


So, complaints about the homily are nothing new. :rofl:
Even when they are short. :smirk:


I shouldn’t be laughing…but I’m laughing :laughing::laughing::laughing:


And even when God Himself, in person, is giving the homily :joy:


Ain’t that the truth


I find that most homilies are extremely brief compared to protestent sermons. Yet another reason to be glad I converted :wink: nah seriously though I like that everything is focused towards the Eucharist. The homily is focused on the Bible readings as it should be. Most Protestant ones are too to be fair but some of them on non Dom churches sure can go off on a tangent


Speaking of brief—-supposedly Pres. Calvin Coolidge was a man of very few words. There’s a story of him coming home from church one Sunday and his wife asked him what the minister preached about.

“Sin,” was Coolidge’s one syllable answer.
“Well…what did he have to say about it?” coaxed his wife.
“He doesn’t like it,” Coolidge replied.


Love it - exactly right hahaha


I’ve seen some Protestant preaching on TV, and been in attendance at some events when a Protestant minister gives a blessing (at an awards banquet, for example.)

They tend to use a whole lot of words without saying much of substance. I think it’s because—and I don’t mean this to disparage our non-Catholic brothers and sisters—they’re not speaking from a position of true substance.

You can eat high calorie foods that taste really good, but you have to eat a lot in order to get the nutrients you need. Even then you are probably lacking. Or you can eat nutrionally dense foods that maybe aren’t as yummy at first, and not be hungry for more. But you’ll get what your body needs.


Can’t say it much better myself. I used to watch Joyce Meyer ministries and all manner of other preachers but when A preacher becomes the celebrity then you have to wonder. I am not saying God isn’t at work in those churches as i am living proof He is but you really don’t appreciate how simple truth is unless in the mass . We don’t need to reinvent the wheel and I can totally see how jazzy services tempt people away for a while


I think she’s one I’ve seen


There’s also a woman with pink hair who keeps having visions of heaven and going on cable tv and talking about it. Also she was told in heaven to have pink hair to make her more relatable. Kat kerr. Just looked her up : edited so as not to derail thread and waffle - people will rather listen to a lot of questionable stuff than a few moments of the truth


Their style of preaching is designed to provide a religious experience for the congregation. They don’t have sacraments as we know them, and rely on preaching and singing for the bulk of their worship experience.


I love the homily on the Annunciation and Mary’s “fiat” by
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

The Whole World Awaits Mary’s Reply

You have heard, O Virgin, that you will conceive and bear a son; you have heard that it will not be by man but by the Holy Spirit. The angel awaits an answer; it is time for him to return to God who sent him. We too are waiting, O Lady, for your word of compassion; the sentence of condemnation weighs heavily upon us.

The price of our salvation is offered to you. We shall be set free at once if you consent. In the eternal Word of God we all came to be, and behold, we die. In your brief response we are to be remade in order to be recalled to life.

Tearful Adam with his sorrowing family begs this of you, O loving Virgin, in their exile from Paradise. Abraham begs it, David begs it. All the other holy patriarchs, your ancestors, ask it of you, as they dwell in the country of the shadow of death. This is what the whole earth waits for, prostrate at your feet. It is right in doing so, for on your word depends comfort for the wretched, ransom for the captive, freedom for the condemned, indeed, salvation for all the sons of Adam, the whole of your race.

Answer quickly, O Virgin. Reply in haste to the angel, or rather through the angel to the Lord. Answer with a word, receive the Word of God. Speak your own word, conceive the divine Word. Breathe a passing word, embrace the eternal Word.

Why do you delay, why are you afraid? Believe, give praise, and receive. Let humility be bold, let modesty be confident. This is no time for virginal simplicity to forget prudence. In this matter alone, O prudent Virgin, do not fear to be presumptuous. Though modest silence is pleasing, dutiful speech is now more necessary. Open your heart to faith, O blessed Virgin, your lips to praise, your womb to the Creator. See, the desired of all nations is at your door, knocking to enter. If he should pass by because of your delay, in sorrow you would begin to seek him afresh, the One whom your soul loves. Arise, hasten, open. Arise in faith, hasten in devotion, open in praise and thanksgiving.
Behold the handmaid of the Lord, she says, be it done to me according to your word.


That is a beautiful homily. Good for reflection especially during Advent.


That’s it. Again, painful for me. @Tis_Bearself They don’t have the Sacraments. They make the best of it. Part of me still wants to say ‘we’ make the best of it but im not ‘we’ any more and it’s hard adjusting ie not a Protestant. I am moved to tell you something and I don’t know why. Here goes. I could have gone to school at the place I now work at 20 years later. (A catholic school). We went to look at it when I was eleven. We had a choice of a few. I longed to go there.would have been free in terms of fees here in the uk. I looked at the beautiful building and this one staircase that I absolutely love and said I want to go here. I liked the sample lessons that we had seen on the visit . My mother was concerned about it being ‘so far away’ compared to the local school. It’s not it was a 40 min walk from the house compared to like 20 mins to the local non religious school that I ended up at. She had baggage from a ‘catholic’ background (Catholic mother and Protestant father ) . My brother said a few nights after the visit ‘ if you want to be on a team they will pick a Catholic over you’ and I feel like my mom tried to get him onside to talk me out of asking to go to the catholic school. I moved away from the area for years after college and now I work at that very school and walk up that staircase all the time. The Church was calling me all the time. I still am not sure why church didn’t call my mother and brother. She became Methodist and he is an atheist who didn’t get baptised


God may be planning to call your relatives at a different point in their lives. Maybe even right upon death. Pray for them.
I’m glad you got to e part of the school.
There may be a good reason why God didn’'t want you to go to school there. I attended two Catholic schools and while they were not a bad experience overall on balance, they weren’t all peaches and roses either.


She passed in September as a committed non Catholic Christian and he is still atheist and can’t see him changing. The school I went to was honestly really rough compared to the school I work at now. There was violence and terrible behaviour etc etc . Although I was a ‘good kid’ it was a bad school and still is. I still don’t know what this was about honestly other then ‘be grateful for what you have now’

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