Greatest non-Christian/ Jew who ever lived?


Who do you think the greatest non-Christian/ Jew who ever lived was? I have to cast my vote towards Mahatma Gandhi. The man taught us how to use love to fight social injustice. He didn’t give us anything in the way of religion that we didn’t already know, but he showed us how to implement it. He was a monotheist Hindu, but because of his words and deeds, I believe he is a Saint (yes, the kind in Heaven, along with St. Paul and St. Pius X), and I regularly ask for his intercession. What do you think? Who is your pick?


Considering Ghandi didnt accept the Gospel though he knew about it means he cant be the greatest. It would have to be one of the major Greek philosophers (eg Aristotle, Plato, etc). But that is pure speculation.


Uh, it’s non-Christians/ Jews. In order to be a non-Christian, one must not accept the Gospel. Gandhi did not accept it, but he practiced Christian ethics to an extent that put many Christians to shame. That’s why I vote for him.


Your question is “Who do you think the greatest non-Christian/Jew who ever lived was?” and had no clarifying qualifications, so of course the answer might be (from believers on this forum)–Jesus Christ.

Now if you want to clarify your question, and put some parameters to it, you might get some answers that lead to a better discussion, and more of what you had in mind, I think.


Not that i am biased or anything, but how about the Buddha?



Well, Buddha saw God as irrelevant. Gandhi believed in and worshipped God. Therefore, Gandhi trumps Buddha on the Christian scale.


Except, of course, that he was Jewish.

As far as I’m concerned the greatest non-Christian/Jew was most likely some obscure person that no one knows about. Just a simple person that treated others well and left the world a better place than she or he found it.


I took the OP’s question to mean “non-Christian OR Jew.”



Then again if we’re talking pagan prophets go I’d be tempted to say Zoroaster as he seems to have genuinely been told of the coming Messiah (though he may have heard about him from the Jews)


Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., That guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize for setting up a bank that loans small amounts to poor third world people (don’t think he’s christian);

That kid who stood in front of the tanks in Teinnem Square (sp?)




Ghandi ftl.

Plato for the win!


I thought he was Christian?


I see.

That seems an unlikely interpretation since Jews, generally, are non-Christians. Which means the question would be either redundant or contradictory.

I think he meant non-Christian or non-Jew.


I think he simply meant someone who was NEITHER a Christian nor a Jew, since Christians aren’t Jews either, although some take very seriously the Jewish spiritual heritage apparent in Christianity


That’s what I meant to say. A person that is not a Christian or a Jew.


hm… interesting question… makes me search my mind for just one person that I look up to that is not Christian or Jewish…
There are atheists who are well gifted in writing or music or even philosophy and who try to build a better world with the little knowlege they have… but they seem utterly poor as persons those who dont embrace Christ. I have friends who are atheists who have good hearts but live in utter darkness in their soul… I also know there are quite a lot of new agers out there, like yogic flyers, who hope for world peace.
then there is a woman like Bhutto who was a muslim but all for democracy …
Kierkegaard wrote that a man is great according to the goal of his love. There is a hierarchy… If his love is God then he is indeed great. greatness in the world is nothing as it is written. Actually its loathesome in the eyes of God.
Someone might say Chairman Mao was great… he did what he believed was right.
I believe no one is good but Christ.

A man who makes his own linen-underwear and cleans the toilets in caste-India is on his way, sure, but I would not call him great. God placed some justice and zeal in Gandhi’s heart and put helpful people and circumstances around him so He could help India… Even though Gandhi knew of the only man who could really help, Jesus of Nazareth, he was not capable of accepting Him, so he remained poor.


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