Greece hit by Biblical plague of frogs

[quote=Metro]As if Greece didn’t have enough problems already, a major road was forced to shut down for hours after an invasion of millions frogs.

Greek officials said that the massed ranks of frogs has forced a key highway near the town of Langadas in the north of the country to close for two hours on Wednesday.

Giorgos Thanoglou, chief of traffic police in Thessaloniki, which lies 12 miles west of the Biblical frog plague’s epicentre, said that there were ‘millions’ of frogs on the road.

Authorities had to shut the Egnatia highway down after three cars skidded off the road as their drivers tried to dodge frogs. There were no reports of any humans being injured, although a few of the frogs probably didn’t fare so well.

Thanoglou suggested that the amphibians influx could have been due to the frogs leaving a nearby lake to forage for food.

‘There was a carpet of frogs,’ he added.


Source: (Note the this video references ‘Biblical plague’, not the first link.)

God Bless.


Maybe they can box them up and sell them to France and pay down their debts. :confused:

Cars skidding on frogs…Goodyear makes snow tires; do they make frog tires?


[quote="DaveBj, post:3, topic:199754"]
Cars skidding on frogs...Goodyear makes snow tires; do they make frog tires?



No. But Michelin does. :D

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