Greedy Televangelists!


And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." -2nd Peter 2:3

In view of billions of lost souls who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, imagine how many souls might be saved with the money wasted on antiques, jets, jewelry, fancy cars, mansions, wardrobes and watches. Did you know that 2,500,000,000 people in this world live on less than $2 a day? It’s true! Do you want to help Benny Hinn buy another Rolex, or help a missionary get a megaphone, some Bibles, a bicycle, a warm coat or even a pair of shoes, all of which are desperately needed. Oh how foolish are people today with money. Just as Simon learned in Acts 8:18-19, you can’t buy God’s blessing and power. It’s not for sale. Don’t be deceived by these wolves in sheep’s clothing!

The TBN Salaries

In 1998, the Crouches showed a combined income of nearly $600,000… (OC Weekly) The Crouches occupy two of three seats on the TBN board of directors and earning six-figure incomes. He is paid $159,500 a year as president, while she gets $165,100 as vice president, IRS records show.

“Crouch’s earnings went from $159,500 in 1997 to $262,915 the following year. Jan, the organization’s vice president, also received a big raise. Her earnings more than doubled, going from $159,500 to $321,375 during the same time period”. (Mike Oppenheimer. Let Us Reason Ministries).

According to 2001 IRS income tax statements, (990 forms)

“Paul Crouch, president of California-based Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, received $403,700. His wife, Janice Crouch, earned $347,500 as the vice president for the organization, which broadcasts sermons nationally on the Trinity Broadcasting Network”.

But it gets worse… information reported on the organization’s most recent Form 990 has Paul Crouch’s compensation package at $419,000. The compensation package includes salary, cash bonuses, and unusually large expense accounts and other allowances.

“There are bound to be some people who will read this article and say to themselves, “So the leadership live in nice houses or nice areas, so what? This is God’s way of blessing them. They deserve this for leading God’s people.” I wonder if these people ever really stop to think about what they are saying? Do they really believe that God would bless those in leadership with lifestyles that totally contradict everything that Jesus taught. He and the men who led the first century church led by example. They were servant leaders. Ask yourself if any of the apostles would’ve chosen pricey homes or affluent areas for themselves. More to the point, would Jesus have done so? Ask yourself if the apostles would have used the contributions and tithes of the people in order to have done so? More to the point, would Jesus have done so?”


To be fair, though, not all the fundamentalists are like this.

The TV lizards are an entertainment breed quite far away from the people who support them with their donations, and in many cases, with their tithes. The contributors are mainly very excellent stewards of their money.

They certainly do contrast with our Catholic priests, brothers, and nuns, many of whom take lifelong vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.


TV Evangelists have always had fairly high salaries.

Most religious leaders of large followings are really very well off. Some live in palacial splendor and have all their needs and wants taken care of as “princes” of the church…others drive expensive cars and fly in private jets like TV evangelists…religion is big business…whether Catholic leaders or Protestand/Evangelical leaders.

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