Greek Catholic\Orthodox liturgical language

I found a series of books used liturgically called the menaion There is one for each month of the year. I have not found a translation into English. I was wondering what kind of Greek they are written in. I would like to learn Greek so that I could read them. Is it modern Greek? Thanks for your help.

It’s Koine, not modern.

The Menaion is available in a few different English translations. The Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton has at least a partial translation. Holy Transfiguration Monastery in MA also has a wonderful translation, metered for singing. And St. John Kronstadt Press has a translation based off of the Slavonic that is also very well done.

I study the Zondveran Greek language chart a little.

Zondervan should be avoided…very poi translations…with a very heavy Protastant influence.

Its a step. A very useful chart for getting the basics.

If you only want to see it in English, there are PDFs of it here:

Thank you for your help.I really like the MCI Publications site,:slight_smile:

The info in those menion (MCI) is EXTREAMLY basic! It lacks canons and other aspects of Mattins and Vespers. It does contain what is needed for DL.

Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash) also has some on-line portions of the Menaion at his site Archbishop +Kallistos also compiled a Menaion for just the 12 great fixed-day feasts that is also very nice.

You should probably be aware that there are variations in the term “menaion” ranging from a specific Menaion for each month of the year as well as a General Menaion for groups or classes of feasts and saints, such as feasts of the Lord, Mother of God, martyrs, etc. that are “default” texts when one does not have the full Menaion.

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