Greek Orthodox Bishops accuse Pope of heresy


The article is a few years old, but, thoughts?


These particular Orthodox bishops don’t have any real grasp of authentic Catholic theology.

Moved to Non-Catholic religions. This isn’t current Catholic news.


It seems their actions were denounced even by the Orthodox hierarchy, and they seem to have a problem with the Catholic Church, not just Pope Francis.

I just consider it the noise of a passing train…


Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain!

They are working toward division and not unity.


Many Orthodox are not too happy about universal papal supremacy and are not willing to accept it.


It wouldn’t be the first time Orthodox Bishops have accused Catholics of heresies, that doesn’t make them right.


This is old news.

But the Orthodox Church of Greece did prevent at the Orthodox Council in Crete to recognize the Catholic Church as Church with the big C.

Many People think that the Russian Orthodox Church has the most anti-Catholic stance, but it is the Orthodox Church of Greece actually.


A giant “Who Cares?” from me.

Orthodox Church is always going on rants like this.


Orthodox Christians care.


An 89-page “letter”? That noun would not appear to do this tome justice… and it is from 2014.


The fact that Andrew and Seraphim thought enough to write and detail their objections to Pope Francis is certainly positive.

Airing their differences and their grievances is the first step to resolving them.


Catholics are not, and cannot be, responsible for Orthodox Christians’ issues with the papacy, any more than we need to be responsible for Protestants’ issues with same.

If the Pope goes out of his way to discuss such issues with them in a show of Christian unity, then fine…but it’s not like we suddenly have to conform our papacy to their views.


What about the Orthodox that don’t call the pope a heretic? What about them? I don’t feel like a Patriarch Bartholomew has called Pope Francis a heretic, and I don’t think he would.


Well that is strange, because you have reformed at Vatican II your Liturgy to accommodate Protestants.


Again, this is something that the Church Magisterium deigned to do.
We don’t HAVE to do it.
You act like we HAVE to listen to these Greek Orthodox, even though as someone else pointed out, they aren’t even representative of their entire group.


…and in other news, the sky is blue.


Uneducated statement.

Catholic liturgies have continually evolved since they showed up. Just like Orthodox liturgies.

Anyone who claims that their liturgy is virtually identical to any used in, say, the 5th century is someone so poorly informed on the topic that they shouldn’t be engaged on it. Akin to discussing nuclear medicine with a toddler - they’re just repeating what someone else - if anyone - told them.


Actually they are, Orthodox Church of Greece held a Synod in 2016 that declared that there is no Church outside the Orthodox Church, that would mean that the Catholic Church is not really a Church. And pretty much this 89 pages long letter is all about that.
These two Metropolitans were too impolite, so other bishops did not sign it.


If you can reform the Liturgy to accommodate Protestants and the world, you could reform papacy to accommodate Orthodox Church. Why not?


I’m not sure where you’re getting this nonsense you keep repeating. It’s overwhelmingly obvious that the OF and EF masses are still virtually identical as it pertains to structure and function. The pageantry was toned down and the local vernacular was used instead. That’s 90% of the “difference”.

Calling this a “reform” is just inexcusably stupid. Forgive me for the lack of charity, but it’s just stupid.

Would you prefer the Orthodox response of “near-total surrender”?

This hot mess is a perfect microcosm of your broken thought process. I think you should cut and paste this into your profile description so anyone more interested in you can really see the way in which you view things.

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