Greek Orthodox Father Loses Religious Freedom and Parental Rights Case


Ontario, Canada: He had wanted to be told when teachings contrary to his religious beliefs were going to be taught to his two children so he could remove them from the class. Among the teachings he listed as objectionable were occult beliefs and practices, portrayals of homosexual conduct and transgenderism, sex education, birth control, and promotion of abortion or euthanasia. The judge has ruled against the father, saying the school, has legislative obligations to promote safety, inclusivity, equality and tolerance, and that it would have been an undue burden on teachers. The fund that has been helping the father says they will continue to fight in such cases, saying the constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is on their side.


Amazingly bad. I don’t understand Canada at all, it appears.

Makes one feel even better about our presidential and congressional and state election outcomes.

Presently, states have control over educational content. I live in a very “red” state, with a Republican governor-elect and an overwhelmingly Republican legislature. There is no possibility whatever, that they would approve legislation like this.

On the national level, Trump was elected and Repubs control the congress. No way they’ll do something like this. Trump is going to appoint at least one Supreme Court justice, perhaps more than one, and this is not the sort of thing his appointees would approve, even if later the left takes over the legislative and executive branches.

Finally, my state is blessed/cursed with a “Blaine Amendment”. It’s bad in that it prevents state aid to religious schools. But it is also good in that Catholic schools and home schooling basically “don’t exist” as far as the state is concerned, and are roundly ignored as to course content.

Despite all that, one is still concerned. The left is so totalitarian that nobody can be totally sure it won’t find a way someday to arrogate all parental rights to a pagan government.

Probably not so very long ago, this would not have been imaginable to Canadian parents either.


From the article:*“Accommodation by non-attendance, which is sought by the applicant, would allow him to isolate his children from aspects of the curriculum that in his religious belief would amount to ‘false teachings.’ However, isolation is antithetical to the competing legislative mandate and Charter values favouring inclusivity, equality, and multiculturalism,” Justice Reid wrote.
*…and then of course the Justice goes on to exclude those holding an Orthodox faith, to inequitably treat them by assuring they uniquely face objectionable curriculum, and to enforce a singular culture of secularism. Screwtape would be envious of such linguistic engineering.


The next step may be removal of such children from families, that is an issue that many Russian Orthodox families fear here in the UK. My wife has several friends who encourage their kids to give non-committal answers when asked about what they think about homosexuality at school. On one occasion one friend’s daughter gave a reply along these lines, ‘Homoexuals are people like everyone and should be treated with respect, however our faith as Orthodox Christians teaches us that homosexuality is gravely disordered.’ The gir’s mother got a letter from the school a few days later inviting her in ‘tp discuss the views her daughter held which were not acceptable with regards to the schools policies in relations to equal opportunities’.


One of many reasons I’m totally pro-Russian and anti-Western.


I don’t suppose Muslims or Hindus have received such letters?


Saying this issues threaten “safety” is the new cultural Marxism that is gripping public schools in North America. There’s even a symbol for it on US college campuses: a diaper pin that they wear. :rolleyes::blush:

They are pushing this as “safety” because people won’t be so easily sold on the “tolerance and diversity” argument.

Also, I’d encourage everyone to look up Jordan Peterson on youtube. He’s a professor from the University of Toronto currently under attack because he isn’t into the idea there are 30 or more genders.


The girl in question has a Muslim father in fact, her mother married an exchange student in Moscow when she was very young. Her first husband is sadly now dead, he was not devout by any means but still technically Muslim. At that point mum was not particularly Christian either. the teacher was unaware the daughter is from a mixed background as she is very light skinned and takes mostly after her mother who is that sort of very pale Slavic type you sometimes get. Apparently the subject did come up and the teacher’s response was they would be getting around to all the religions eventually and in her view getting dated prejudices out of of kids heads. The mother in this case was a teacher back in Russia, specifically a music teacher and is appalled by the British educational system. Her view *** that people complained about the Soviet educational system but that compared to the modern British system it at least produced literate students and such stupidity on the part of staff and schools would have been discouraged.


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