Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch passed away

Antiochene orthodox (Greek orthodox) patriarch Ignatius Hazim has passed away at Beirut. He resided in Damascus before the Syrian civil war. since the western european nations such as France want to torn syria apart and wants to overthrow Bashar al assad, the secular ruler of syria, patriarch had to transfer his residence to Lebanon.
The patriarch was 92 years old. It is said that his burial will take place in Damascus.

Memory eternal!

Memory eternal! May he rest with the Righteous and Just.

The obsequies are scheduled for Noon this coming Sunday at St Nicholas Church in Beirut. It appears that his remains will be taken to Damascus for burial later that day.

My Prayers.

Memory eternal to our Patriarch (since I am under the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch)

I am saddened to hear of the death of my Patriarch.

Memory eternal.

Nice to see another Antiochian Orthodox here. :thumbsup:

May the choirs of angels come to greet you. May they speed you to paradise.
May the Lord enfold you in His mercy. May you find eternal life.


Memory eternal!

And another one here as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Memory eternal!

I hope that the Antiochian Orthodox are blessed with a new, equally excellent patriarch.

Memory Eternal!

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